Annapurna Base Camp Trek

I plan to do the Annapurna base camp trek starting between 20-22 March (ideally leaving as early as possible) and finishing in 8-10 days. Despite the comments below I still haven’t found a partner so let me know if you’d like to meet up. I’m chilled and easy going and would love to share the experience with a like minded traveller.

I won’t be using a guide or a porter. I am very keen to not go alone as this is my first trek in Nepal. Send me a message! 🙂



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  1. Hey Bill, I have been wanting to do the ABC trek and wondered if you were still looking for some company? I’m in Pokhara right now, my only previous foray into trekking was the Three Peaks Challenge back home in 2014 but I’m up for the challenge and the amazing scenery! I am on a budget as I’m travelling through India/Nepal for six months (four months in at this point) and was hoping to find someone like-minded who wanted to have an adventure making our own way. Please let me know if you want to meet up today maybe? Kitty

    • Hey kitty thanks for the message! Sounds like we have a similar mindset, I’ve also done some challenge hiking in the UK but never anything like this. I’m also travelling on a budget but only for 6 weeks. I’m up for meeting today, I’m having breakfast at mike’s restaurant (lake side) right now if you’re free? Otherwise when/where is good for you?


  2. Hey guys! Just wondering now if you are going and if you’d like some extra company??? I have just hiked from simikot to beni and have a free wk or so before I meet a friend. I have done this hike twice before but am just a bit bored in pokhara. Let me know if I’m not too late and if you wanna meet up??
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Or even just to share transport?

    • Hey! I have not heard back from kitty yet so no you’re not too late. Maybe add me on Facebook (kitty add me too?) so it’s easier to arrange to meet. Search for 🙂