Annapurna Base Camp Trek

I´d like to do the ABC Trek with somebody who wants to enjoy silence, nature, the trek it´s own. It would be great to share some overwhelming moments and also to do some parts of the trek “on our own” (with distance between each other).



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  1. Hallo 🙂

    Ich versuche gerade jemanden fuer die Annapurana Cirtuit Strecke zu suchen (4. April) bis jetzt hat sich aber noch niemand gefunden. Ich bin allerdings zeitlich und was die Strecke angeht sehr flexible 🙂
    Annapurna Base Camp Trek koennte ich mir auch sehr gut vorstellen zu gehen. Bin ebenfalls gemuetlich im Gehen und liebe Ruhe und die Natur. Die Idee gemeinsam und doch manchmal alleine zu gehen, gefeallt mir ebenfalls sehr gut. Also falls du noch jemanden suchst, wuerde ich mich riesig freuen 🙂

    • Hey Mary, ich bin Alex und hier in Kathmandu als Volunteer für Sport in einer Schule…ich möchte auch eher den Cirtuit Trek machen. Dabei am besten in Pokara starten. Ich möchte keine Träger und auch keinen Guide, Übernachtung in Teehäusern…Verpflegung ebenfalls dort. Ich in zwar ein eher flotter Läufer kann mich aber gut zurücknehmen. In der Höhe sieht das auch manchmal anders aus. Außerdem möchte ich ungerne hetzen sondern was von der Landschaft mitbekommen. Dein post klingt echt freundlich auch wenn ich nicht so versetehe warum du auf deutsch schriebst haha 🙂 hier mal meine Nummer für whats App 9823257069

  2. hi guys,
    is this trek still exist? if so i will love to join. hope to hear from you. Many thanks

    • Hi Sal,
      Yes, the trek still exists. By now it looks like there will be just me – and perhaps you (?) to start to ABC. But that would be ok for me – we could start together, walk some parts together and some everybody on his own. Do you want to join? I’ll be in pokhara from April 12th on, in the evening. The plan is to start the trek on April 14th in the morning. Are you still interested? Kind regards, Kristina

  3. hi Kristina,
    thanks for reply. and yes still interested, will be great to join you. i will arrive Kathmandu 10 April, which i will have enough time to be in Pokhara on 12/13 April. i most say i like the idea to walk some parts together and some everybody on his/her own, to enjoy the silence and sound of nature.. in the next few days i will be sending you my phone number so we can (whats App) or text each-other to arrange meeting. thank you again and hope to see you soon.

  4. Hi again,
    may i ask you, 1- where and when you getting your permit for ABC trekking?
    2- what type of transport you using to pokhara? (air or road?)
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Sal, trekking permits are easy to get in Pokhara, TIMS and ACAP both at the same place, the Tourism Centre near Damside, 1 km south of Lakeside strip. Ian

  5. Hello Kristina
    I am ready to start the ABC trek on April 13 but am happy to leave on 14th. I feel it is safer with company.
    I have until 27th but can take longer as I fly out of KTM on May 2
    I am from Australia, 61 years

    • Not sure if my message got through Kristina. I am ready to walk the ABC trek on 13th, but happy to leave on 14 also. Feel it is safer with company. I am from Australia, 61 years and healthy, with experience in my own country, Canada and Pyrenees

    • Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your post, I’m on my way to pokhara now, hopefully will arrive at 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening (minibus) ;-). Perhaps we can meet in pokhara tomorrow? It also feels ok for me to walk some parts on my own. Would you be fine with that? Kind of “i’ll have a look at you” combined with individual trekking? I think I’ll sometimes need some time on my own. So if you still want to meet, here’s my local number: 9823367538 :).

      Best wishes,

  6. Hi Kristina
    That sounds good. I am happy to stay in Pokhara an extra day. I am at Hello Inn guest house, on the more northern part of Lakeside.
    If you are not too wiped out from the bus trip (I was!) we could meet up at one of the many cafes. I almost know my way around Lakeside now. So maybe you could choose somewhere near to your accommodation. I made a little pretend itinerary, and six days to ABC seems like a good way to go, though who knows, it could be a bit more taxing. Anyway my TIMS time limit goes till the 27th, so I still have a lot of freedom,
    OK hopefully we can talk more over coffee or meal later.
    Enjoy the ride, it will be over soon!

  7. PS
    or tomorrow if you prefer. Yes, you may just want to take it easy tonight.