Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Arriving in Kathmandu Apr 22, then plan to head to pokhara first thing. Start date for ABC trek is flexible! Average pace hiker but do have the luxury of time on my side, so would not be opposed to spending more time to appreciate villages along the way. Hoping to spend max of $25/day via teahouse trekking, not really looking for guide/porters. Would love your company!



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  1. Hi Vicky, I will be going to Kathmandu then heading to ABC as well. I will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 18 April. Have you found any trekking partners to ABC? Cheers

  2. Hello Vicky, I’m planning ABC too, so it’d be nice if we hike together. But start on 25th is quite late for me, would be possible for you to start earlier?

    • Hi kristyna, I would love to! I don’t land in KTM until 22nd so am afraid I wouldn’t get to start much earlier than 25th. When are I thinking/ what’s your plan?

    • Hi Kristyna,
      I’ll start ABC on the 22 if you want to join. I’m with a friend and a girl will maybe join us as well.
      We have already a guid.
      I’ll arrive in KTM on the 19th.
      Keep me posted. 🙂

  3. Hi Vicky, it’s too late for me, I have to start max 23rd. So enjoy a maybe next time 🙂

  4. Vicky, I’m returning from Tibet April 26th morning and could fly to Pokhara on the same day. I was planning to do a guided trek/teakhouse for 7 days in the Ghorepani – Poon hill. I’m not as adventurous, but would love to know more about your plan. Helen

    • Hi Helen! Thanks for your message. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been pretty busy this week. I plan to arrive in KTM apr 22 and would like to head to pokhara soon after. I would really like to hike Annapurna Base Camp, independently (no guides/porters), but would love some company! My timing is pretty flexible; I hear this trek can be done in 7-8 days (usually 10 days though) but I am happy to take my time in order to fully appreciate the scenery and little villages along the way. Let me know if you’d like to do this together!

  5. Hi Vicky,

    First of all, I won’t be able to meet you at Pokhara until Apr 26, not sure if that’s okay. We could chat more offline, it would be great if the logistics work out. Thanks. Helen

  6. Hi Vicky,

    I will be doing the Annapurna based camp too. I was planning to be in Pokhara on the 30th. If that’s not too late for you, I will be happy to do the trek with you!

    Sandrine 🙂

  7. Hello Vicky, I am planning to do ABC or optionally Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama trek. I can travel to Pokhara on 26th only so start trekking on 27th. I have 10 -11 days – need to be back in Kathamndu on 7th. Let me know if you are still looking for company and if 27th is ok for you – I am online only till Thursday (14th of April) morning and than back on 25th. Looking forward to hearing from you. Agata

  8. Hi Guys.

    Greetings from Kathmandu.

    I’m Nepalese is certified tourist guide and Trekking guide but is novice that I worked for rafting agency and mountain biking agency for a year each in past but not much into trekking, Last October I did Part of AC due to bad weather skipped Tilicho Lake and Ice Lake and Tatopani – poonhill section.

    Would love to do this trail that it would be new for me to explore. Can I join you guys. I was working for humanitarian agency onward earthquake and done with my project of the most affected district Sindhupalchowk and back to kathmandu can I join you guys???

    With kind regards

  9. Hey Vicky!

    I’ve just arrived in Kathmandu and am looking at a few treks to. I’m not that experienced at trekking but will be fit enough to get through it. Also happy to take time to enjoy the area more than rushing through it. Please let me know if you’re still after more for your group.



  10. Hello Vicky,

    I registered just short time ago because I decided really offhand to start to trek to the ABC on Monday.
    I would like to join you. Are you still interested? How is your plan? Let me know asap. I am in Pokhara at the moment and still managing with the preparation.


  11. Even m lookin for a budget trek without guide and stuff! Are you still open? Ping me if I can join you ?