Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Hi all,
I will arrive in Kathmandu on 24-Apr.
Hope to then go directly to Pokhara and thereby start the trek on 25 or 26-Apr.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much flexibility on my dates. Arriving in Kathmandu on 24-Apr and flying out 7-May.

I’m fine to go independently without guide/porter but if several people are interested then happy to share the cost.

I have a good level of fitness and trek probably a little quicker than average, but would be fine to adjust pace up or down as long as the route can be completed in 7~8 days.

Would be great to find someone to join.

Looking forward to the trip.




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  1. Hi John, me and my partner would be interested to join you if it doesn’t bother you for us being a first timer. We never been to any trek but we are healthy and in good shape. We are planning to arrive in Kathmandu on 22nd of April and staying for maximum 10 days. Like you, we are fine to go independently without guide/porter as we are on tight budget.
    Would be happy if you will share more details about this trek and how it works.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    • Hi John and Bless! I also get into KTM 22 April and plan to do ABC starting about 25th. Not my first trek and I’m probably average pace. I do have some flexibility but from what I’ve read this could definitely be done in 7-8 days. Anyway let me know if any of you are interested in forming a small group. Thanks!

  2. Hello, Im planning to visit Nepal sometime around late April, haven’t yet booked my flights so not sure on exact dates. Am interested in doing ABC and would love to join if still space. Give me a shout and we can have a proper chat about it.


    • Hi Conor, if we can get a small group together that would be perfect and I’d love for you to join. lets keep each other posted!

  3. hi vicky, would love to but so sorry change our plan decided to do Poonhill Trek instead. To bad we only have a few days. Might be using a trekking company but undecided yet. Maybe next time around. Good luck finding a trek partner.

    • Enjoy your trip!

  4. John,
    I’m returning from Tibet April 26th morning and could fly to Pokhara on the same day. I was planning to do a guided trek/teakhouse for 7 days in the Ghorepani – Poon hill and would love to know more about your plan. Helen

  5. Hello John, I am planning to do ABC or optionally Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama trek. I can travel to Pokhara on 26th only so start trekking on 27th. My flight back is May 8th from Kathmandu so I am also quite fixed with the dates. Let me know if you are still looking for company and if 27th is ok for you – I am online only till Thursday (14th of April) morning and than back on 25th. Looking forward to hear from you. Agata

  6. hi! im laura from switzerland and at he moment in pokhara interning in a hospital. i was looking to do the abc trek starting on 27th to 29th, i still have to check what days i can get off… i would also like to complete it in 7 days because of that. let me know!