Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Arrive KTM on 6th April’16 and head back to BKK, my home on 20th April’16. Already booked plane ticket.
I’ve got 15 days in Nepal.
Plan to trek ABC. Now my group are 2 female.
Finding more partners to join trip together.
Also a guide and porter.
Anyone have plan on that timing, we can discuss and add new idea or route.



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  1. Hi, i am going on EBC trek (everest base camp) which is in that zone of Nepal only. I am also looking out for trek partners as trekking alone can be extremely boring specially in such long duration treks.

    Is there any chance you guys will be going for an EBC trek than ABC trek?

    Ofcourse EBC trek is definitely a different ball game and i dont want to intrude but since both treks starts of from KTM and we will be there on same time so thought of requesting a MAY BE.

    Anyways happy trekking.

    • Sound interesting! Thanks for your invitation. Let me study about EBC route and ask my friend what she think.

      Well may i ask more detail?
      Will you go alone without a guide or porter?
      Where to sleep? Tent or teahouse?
      Can we make it comimg back to KTM on 20th April? (My departure flight)
      How much cost per head do you estimate?

  2. Hi Yuki, I am planning on going to the ACT somewhere around April as my itinerary is still flexible. I think there are two routes. Earlier they didn’t have a road to Manang but now they do, besides the one with most beautiful vistas calls for hiking. I going to be going on a shoestring budget and if it works out then we can certainly make our way back to KTM on the 20th.

  3. Hi. I have a plan to ABC on April 6 to 17 (I have only those weekend) and just me alone. Looking for partner to share a guide. Not booked a flight yet. Never been there before. We can discuss more if you interest.


    • Hello Thanit คนไทยนิคะ หวัดดีคะ ไปเทรคด้วยกันไหม มือใหม่เหมือนกัน ตอบช้าโทดที พอดีเพิ่งเข้ามาเช็ค นานๆเข้ามาที
      ถ้ายังสนใสยังไงติดต่อมาทางไลได้เลย ไอดีเรานะ yangyuki แอดมาได้เลย เผื่อได้ไปด้วยกัน
      เรามีติดต่อไกด์ไว้สองเจ้า กะลังตัดสินใจอยู่ ถ้าจะไปจะได้มาคุยรายละเอียดกันคะ

  4. Hi, I’m also planning to go to the ABC or circuit trek during the same time as you. I’m new to this site so don’t know it well yet. Anyone in this chat group that are planning to go around this time email me at and we can plan more. The more people the better. Thanks

    • Sorry Sky for late reply. I check this site not so often.
      What is your email? Me too i’m newbie in this site.
      Let’s talk.

  5. Me and my GF will arrive KTM 8 Apr, start trek ABC on 10 Apr. we hire porter-guide 1 person, no package trip. We plan 7 days trip for ABC, 1 night in ABC. 4 days up, 3 days down. My plan Nayapul-Ghandruk-Sinuwa-Deurali-ABC-Bamboo-Jhinudanda-Nayapul. May be this can help you to arrange itinerary.

  6. Hey Yuki, doing the ACT with you and your friends would probably fun, especially because I speak Thai 😉
    Unfortunately, I think 15 days is not enough for the ACT. Let me finaly know about your plans. I might change my plans.

    • I would suggest you do the Annapurna Sanctuary hike!
      It’s shorter than the circuit
      I did it in 2 weeks taking my time, you don’t need to be Ina rush! Enjoy the walk, scenery!! Breath…
      I plan to do Everest region hike, perhaps 3 peaks buy hey I will take it day by day.

      Don’t hire a guide! Go alone you will meet cool people along the trail.
      And if you need help it guide you can hire one on the way at a tea house!

  7. Hello Yuki.
    I arrived yesterday in Kathmandu coming from BKK.
    Here I’m also looking for advices and partners to do a guided ABC trek.
    So far I know from talking with guides in Kathmandu, it would take 12 days for the ABC. The guided tour would cost 650$ when I do it alone, and 600$ p.p. in a group. It is including transports, all accomodations and all meals.
    If you’d like to team up, it would be great, so let me know 🙂