Annapurna Base Camp trek

I’m planning on doing the Annapurna Base Camp trek around mid-July. I’m a reasonably experienced hiker and am looking to soak in all the culture, colour, sounds and vistas this trek will provide. I’m an avid photography buff as well, and love nature and mountains in particular. Looking for like-minded trekking partners to join forces with, and hopefully strike up friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Not in the
Himalayas to search for answers, but to continue living the questions and just be in the moment. I hope, by the end of this trek, I will have proven a few things to myself when it comes to endurance and chasing one’s dreams.



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  1. Hi Would you be interested in doing this trek later maybe in the end of july instead. ? Around the 25 july
    I”m in Nepal now, but have some plans until .
    Let me know if it could Work for you .

  2. Hi Malene,

    Thanks for your interest. I’m afraid I’m restricted time-wise on my holiday leave, so I really have to get started not later than the 15~16th July. This is the only way I can make it back in time. I only have about 15 days off. Thank you.

    • Hi Max, are you still planning on the 15th? Medical student from the states, I can provide stupid humor and basic medical advice. Let me know what you’re thinking.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your interest. Slight change of plans, and I’m now starting out on the 17th. Always up for good company and laughs, let me know if this suits your itinerary as well. I’ll be going at a reasonable pace, not too fast nor too slow. The aim is to just chill out, take in every moment, and be back in Pokhara in about 7~8 days’ time.

    • Hi Max, that sounds pretty good. I’m heading out to do Poon Hill tomorrow, will be back on the 15th. Is ABC an extension of poon hill? If so, then I might have to pass.

  4. Hi again Kevin,

    On the contrary, ABC is very different to the Poon Hill trek. One could take in Poon Hill/Ghorepani en route (by veering off to the left of the main route), but ABC is altogether different. When we speak of ABC, you’re looking at a Sanctuary up at 4,000+ metres, with a 360-degree view of the Annapurna range, including Machhapuchchhre (Fish Tail)!

    I’m going to be headed up on the 17th for sure, so let me know by the 16th if possible. I’ll be in Pokhara that day.

    Either way, enjoy your Poon Hill trek and the view of Dhaulagiri et al!


    • That’s good news! I’ll let you know as soon as possible, likely by the 14th.


  5. Sounds good, Kevin. I’ll wait for your further news. Enjoy!

    • He Guys,
      I am heading to pokhara tmrw, your plans sound great! Can you need one more trekking partner? The only limit I have is that I fly back home on the 29th of July. I am a 26 year old girl and studying psychology. Always up for meeting new people and have a good time! Nadine

  6. Hi Nadine,

    Of course, you’re most welcome to join in!

    Like you, I’m also restricted time-wise and have to be back in Pokhara not later than the 25th July. Not sure about Kevin, but I think he too has to be back within a certain time-frame.

    In any case, if we keep a steady pace throughout, the ABC trek can be finished well within 7 days, so no worries there. It’s about 5-6 hours walk per day on average, more if we’re all up for it.

    As already mentioned, the plan is to start out from Pokhara on the 17th July morning.

    I’ll be in Pokhara on the 16th, so let’s keep in touch and see how it goes. Take care.

    • Hello again, max and kevin,
      Ok, great! Then what abouting meeting at the 16th at 7pm in busy bee in pokhara. I haven’t been there but I heard that’s a well known place. So we can catch up, talk about the details, and getting ready and excited? 🙂

  7. Hi again Nadine,

    Sounds good! See you there at 7pm on the 16th. Kevin is currently away doing the Poon Hill trek, so I guess we can expect his reply on the 14th or 15th July.

    We seem to have a little team building up here! Hoping it all works out, and that the schedule suits everyone. Good stuff 🙂

    Meantime, please look into your ACAP permit and TIMS card. You can get them through any good agent there. We all need to have these 2 documents ready before we depart.

    Take care, see you next week.

    PS: Kevin: Hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Hello again! So finally I could get logged in again. Well, yes hopefully it’s gonna be a great trip!
    Yes, I am getting the permits tmrw, so that we can start at the 17th! Yes, see you soon! Hope that Kevin is gonna be there too.


  9. Hi Nadine,

    Great! Yes, hoping that Kevin is also able to make it. The more, the merrier!


    • Hey Nadine and Max! Just got internet now for the first time in 4 days. Poon Hill was great, went East after that to tadapani and to jinu (chinu) where I am now.

      I’m unsure about another hike immediately after this. My knees are even less sure! I’d love to break the tree line and have a chance to be immersed in the mountains though! To be honest I’m 25% going, 75% not at this point with only a one day turn around. Plan on my having me, but I’ll let you know if plans change.

      PS met loads of hikers up here with no guides or porters who successfully completed ABC.

    • That’s “plan on not having me”

  10. Hi Kevin,

    No worries, can totally understand your situation. Let us know if you change your mind though. Hope Poon Hill lived up to your expectations.

    Hi Nadine,

    I’m still going ahead on the 17th. We’ll meet on the 16th at 7pm as planned and you can decide whether you’d like to do it as well. If you change your mind, please message by the 16th AM if possible. Thank you.

  11. Hello everyone!

    I’ll be more than ready to go! 😉 got a map, the acap permit and tims card! So, I will be there tonight at 7 pm at busy bee.

    @kevin: hope you enjoyed your trekk and made some good experiences!

  12. Awesome, Nadine! See you soon.