Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Hey. I have been planning a short trek 7-8 days to ABC …say 1st week of April.
If anyone is interested to work on it together, I be glad to have you on board.
Please give me a shout if you are interested. Shall share my itinerary then…



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  1. Hey girl:) I am doing the ABC trek from 12th of April alone 🙂

    • Hey! Where are you starting from?

  2. Hey! I am living in katmandu for 2 months and doing my internship, so I will go to pokhara and start from there 🙂 you?

    • Im planning to start from ghandruk, Pokhara. Have you been anywhere else for a trek before?

  3. Sounds good 🙂 My friend told me that Ghandruk is a good start!

    I haven’t done a trek in Nepal but plenty in India and South America! I really enjoy it and I like to challenge myself 🙂

    what about you?

    • that’s nice. It is pretty challenging. I did a solo trek once to upper mustang and I loved it but I realized
      I could use a little company at times. Hence, this.

      Well I have been to a few treks here in Nepal but haven’t had a chance to trek anywhere else outside Nepal

      So, are you looking for a trekking partner or just passing by?

  4. Yeah I mean, I would love to start together and then we can see if we have the same walking pace 🙂 I’m thinking to do the trek in 6-7 days 🙂 where in Nepal do you live?

  5. If you live in katmandu, then we can meet for a coffee soon and then talk more and see if we can do the trek together or not 🙂 sounds good?

    • Sounds perfect. I live in Ktm. Let me send you a message. One sec.

  6. Hey Saru and Matilda,
    Looking for Trekking partners heading to ABC. My departure dates are flexible, anytime between the 5th to the 10th of April.
    I came across ur conversation thread. Have u guys locked in ur travel ? Do u have room for one more ? 🙂