Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Hi, I´ll arrive to Kathmandu on the 14th of March and then I´ll go to Pokhara. I wanna do a trekking there and people have suggested to do Poon Hill + ABC. I would be really happy to find a partner and hire a guide so that we can share costs. I´m a really easy going girl, love mountains and pretty fit.



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  1. hey if you could let me know your plans. i plan to trek there myself and looking for company. cheers!

    • Namaste,

      My plan is to trek Poon Hill and ABC in around 10 to 12 days starting on the 19th of March. Where are you from?, how old? and whats your plan?

    • Hey Ymen, i don’t know if you received my email but your more than welcome to join us. We will meet on the 18th in pokhara and start the trekking on the 19th. Do you have a phone number so that i can call you tomorrow?

  2. Hey there,
    I’m 24 years old and I’m a medical student here in Nepal. I was looking for company as a couple of friends backed out, was planning on going solo but have been advised against it. Also, I planned to complete it in say eight days since I have my college attendance to worry about.
    Plus hiring a guide is unnecessary I think, as the trail is well marked and completely doable. Also they charge way to much. Newyz I plan to leave as soon as I get a partner.

    • Hi Shadab,

      So you are planning to do a trekking for 8 days? coz I think that Poon Hill + ABC take longer. I am in contact with a guide who charges 1200 per day. I think is pretty good, but still not sure if take it or not.
      When would you have to be back?

  3. I have been in Nepal for a four years now so I have a few friends from Pokhara, who can give all the advice and instructions needed to complete the trek. Also, this is season time for trekking so you’ve have plenty of people on the trail and one only has to walk along.
    Regarding the time frame I really would be pushing it if I stretch it beyond 10 days. And I have a few friends who,as yet, undecided if they wanna come along. I can get the required info if you want.

  4. Also I know a guy who’s done ABC+Poon Hill in a week. But that really requires strenuous walking, something that isn’t the best option for non-locals so I added a couple of days in my itinerary. since you plan on a 12 day trip, coming down you can stay an extra day Ghorepani or Ghandruk. I’ve been there its close to pokhara and offers excellent views.

    • Hello Gara and Shadab

      I’m an 18 year old Belgian (i hope my age is no problem) and i’ ve been doing voluntary work in Pokhara for 4 weeks. My work will end on the 15th of march and im also looking for trekking partners in this period. Im ok with a trip of 8-12 days and i dont mind ttrekking unguided or sharing the cost.
      Let me know what you think

      Kind Regards

      Alexander Deveux

  5. The more the merrier Alexander. Since you’re in Pokhara, do you have local number I can call on?

  6. Yes I have


    • Cool. Sounds like we´ve got a nice group. So are you happy guys starting the trek on the 19th? I think we need a permit, do you know how to do it?

  7. Im ok with the planning, the permit + entrance fee is 5000 rs i think, you can go to an agency or do it yourself. Shadab im available for calling from 13 to 15 o clock during my break.

    • Hey guys. Listen the permit is different for nationalities. Alexander, I spoke to a friend who can get permits for you and Gara for 3000-3500. It’ll be more, depending on your length of stay. And, despite initially deciding against taking a guide, I know a guide who’ll charge 500+plus food and rent per day. It seems they’ll be of great help higher up on the trail, in getting us deals. Alexander, I tried your number multiple times but, newyz my number is 9817535351. Do call.

    • Hey, I don’t know if you are receiving my messages, coz i think i was posting in the wrong place. Not sure but just to let u know that for me is great to meet on the 18th in pokhara.

    • Yeah, I think so too. 18th suits everyone. Alexander and me spoke today and said the same. See you guys then.

    • Great. So excited to meet you guys. We’re gonna have such a great trekking.

  8. Hey, im on the way to nepal. On the 18th I’ll arrive to pokhara around 2pm. A friend told me that we can do the permit that day, the office is 5mins from the bus station and will cost us as a team 1500nrp. Everything alright?

    • Ok sounds good to me. Do you maybe have a number we can text to or do you plan on buying nepali sim(170 rs)?

    • Hey great to know your finally coming this side. post your number once your’re here.
      Buen Viaje!

  9. Yee I’ll buy tomorrow one and I’ll tell you my number.

  10. Hi Gara,

    I’m also planning to do the annapurna base camp trek.I’m a 25 year old dutch guy who’s on a solo trip around the world. I’ve already arranged a porteguide but would rather travel with a group than just me and my guide. The porterguide will only carry a few kilos of my stuff so there is room for other people’s stuff. Is there still space in your group?

    You can find out more about me on my website:

    • I’ll arrive in pokhara on the 18th around 1pm. My phone is 9779813844329

    • I already have a permit