Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Looking to complete the ABC in around 7-9 days due to a bit of a tight schedule. The earliest I could leave Kathmandu or Pokhara would be January 5th but ideally looking to leave the 6th or 7th. Apart from dates I’m pretty flexible with the trip. Considering getting a guide/porter at this stage but happy to consider what trekking partners are thinking!

I’m an Aussie in my 20s who just finished Uni, going to Nepal to celebrate graduating and have some time off before starting full time work. I’m pretty easy going and have a good sense of humor. I’ve travelled all over the world and love meeting new people and hearing others’ stories and sharing my own.

I’m of average fitness and I’ve done full day hikes before but never back to back like this one will be. I’ll be looking to improve my fitness as much as possible before the trip!



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  1. Very cold at ABC since they are not providing any hot fires there. Maybe better go another trekking avoiding cold feet at the evenings. Need any suggestions?

  2. Hiii !!!

    I am too planning ABC in New year first week and it would be great to trek together

    I have trekked to Poon hill before and ABC will be quite interesting at this time of year with snow throughout the trek

    Please share your itinerary so we can plan together


  3. Hi Guys,
    My name is Jordy, I’m 26 years old and from the Netherlands. I just arrived in Kathmandu and am interested in doing the ABC around the same time as well! I am fit and have experience with multiple-day hikes, although not with these altitudes and temperatures. Please let me know if you guys are interested in an extra partner for the trip!

  4. Hey all! Yes very interested in having people join me. I have spoken with a company who has priced the trek at $390 USD for a guide, all accommodation, food, and permit costs (maybe some more stuff too I can’t remember). Are you guys interested in getting a guide?

  5. Hi, Grace,

    If you are keen, I am considering trekking to Mohare Danda again. I am an Aussie and a mountain guide so you’d be able to save some money on hiring a guide (not that I am against hiring guides) and Mohare Danda doesn’t require a TIMs or ACAP, saving 5000 rupees (~$50 USD). Mohare Danda is a community-based trail; so all the money stays within the community. Let me know if you want more information, etc.

    I am already in Pokhara,


    (P.S. ABC is also a nice trek, I don’t want to be taking away from that!)

    • Hey Pete. I’m open to different treks for sure. How long are you planning on doing that for and when are you planning on departing?

  6. Hey, Grace,

    I am fairly flexible with my time here. Ideally, I would depart Pokhara on the 5th or 6th, January. The duration of the trek is at least five days, but I would continue along the trail for an additional three or four days.

  7. Hiii Grace !!!!

    We can hire Guide seperately and i know a Guide personally with charges around 20 $. per day which can be shared

    Tea-houses are ubiquitous along the trail so need to have full food and accomodation package tour

    Please share the itinerary and it will be better to form a whats app group


  8. Hi Grace and others, i’m also interested in doing the abc with a group of people! I’m a girl from the netherlands and did some hikes in Asia but also not with these altitudes and temperatures. Would be nice to join! I arrived in kathmandu yesterday. Maybe we could meet here and share our plans?


  9. Hi, Grace and others. I’m a girl from China looking for people to trek ABC together. Flexible with the dates. Please add me on WhatsApp if anyone interested in doing it together : +86 13476380147

  10. Hi all. I am already in pokhara, if anyone is here too let me know on here and we can meet to discuss plans

    • hey Grace, good idea. where and when can we meet ?

    • Hi Grace, i will be there saturday in the afternoon. Planning to start sunday morning for ABC with poonhill. Please contact me if you would like to join. +31621449443

    • Hi Grace, i’m saturday in pokhara. Shall we use whatsapp to see if we got the same plans? Greetings from Heleen (+31621449443)

    • Hi Grace,

      I’m interested in joining, if you haven’t made plans yet! Can you let me know if that’s still possible?

      Emma (Netherlands)

  11. Hey, im in pokhara dont have exact plans yet but looking at doing a easy trek ghorepani / tadopani from Monday 07 Jan. Think its called panorama, same route as ABC in the beginning. Ive done ABC before in december. No guides thanks

    U guys still around or left? Im on +97334335528