Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Hi, I will be getting to Nepal on on the 22nd of February and would love to do some trekking (thinking about annapurna) for about 5-10 days (Ill be 15 days in total in Nepal). I do not have much idea about Nepal Treks (found out its needed to get some permits and fly to Pokhara to start the treks but thats about it). Is it possible to do it on your own ?
any places where clothes are rented (currently travelling with just summer clothes..only owning good pair of boots unfortunatly)\and is anyone going around same dats? I would really love to get partner trekking since its much safer!
I tend to be a nice chap when you get to know me 🙂
thanks in advanc!!

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  1. hi julian, i am also planning to trek in the annapurna region. i would like to join u.


  2. hey julian i am in pokhara was planning for the same days so how about your plan does it still hold good ?