Annapurna Base Camp Trek

I would be travelling to Nepal from Singapore solo from 9th to 23rd December 2017. No fixed plans yet.

Im an 18 years old relatively fit Singaporean

Looking for any people to trek the ABC together.



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  1. Hi Louis,

    I’m 22 y/o from Australia and looking to do ABC around the same time. Don’t have any fixed plans at the moment just looking at options.

    Let me know what you think ;-).

  2. Hey mate!

    Greetings from Singapore, yeah that would great!

    Have u booked your air tickets yet?

  3. Haha greetings from Sydney! Sounds pretty good!

    No I haven’t booked my flights yet but will in two weeks I think but those dates seem pretty good for me, what about you?
    How much research have you done in terms of an itinerary and pricing etc?


    • I already got my tickets, arriving in KTM 12 PM 9 Dec, leaving on 23 Dec 12 PM.

      For research, I’ve pretty much got all the info I would need. Itinerary, I would be staying in Kathmandu for the first and second day and then head to Pokhara on the third day. (maybe even leave for pok. on the second day) The itinerary is not fixed but I plan to complete the trek within 10 days, (which should be achievable – if we do it fast even 8 days is ok).

      For pricing, the guest houses charge 3-10 USD per night on the trails, and the food costs 3-5 USD per meal. (Some guest houses don’t even charge for a nights stay as they earn more money off the meals we buy.)

      We would need to get TWO permits at 20 USD EACH for the trek. These can be registered in one of the tourist offices in Kathmandu. ( I plan to get these done on the first or second day)

      Not forgetting visa as well, I think its 50 USD to register at the airport.

      The bus ride to Pokhara from Kathmandu would be 5-6 hours long and would probably cost 5-15 USD, depending on the type of bus. (tourist, local bus etc.)

      I would be purchasing/renting some trekking gear in Pokhara (like winter sleeping bags, trekking pole etc.) – these cost like 1 USD per day.

      Total expenses I would estimate to be not more $350 USD for 14 days, thats like $25 per day.

      Looking forward to your reply,



    This video is actually quite useful for the ABC trek.

  5. Ok awesome! Dates sound good and looks like you’re all under control, budget is fine and able to work with that with a buffer. Have you been trekking in Nepal before?

    I’ve spoken to a friend that did ABC last December, she’s said one thing to be aware of is it can take 2-3 days to get your trekking permit approved from the tourist board so it’s important to plan for this.

    From what I’ve read its advised to use 10 days also to mitigate the risk of altitude sickness so think this is a good idea. I have a family member who was a Doctor up at Everest for a couple of seasons, will go over the trip with them in detail to see if there’s anything we are missing or should be aware of.

    Let me know what you think, I will also look at my flights this weekend and work out the plan. How exciting!


  6. Thats great to hear.

    Hmm yes the trekking permits can be a hassle, but apparently a friend of mine got her permits within 30 minutes last year. Maybe its due to the season of the year.

    I’ve actually never trekked in Nepal before and it would be my first time visiting.

    Yeah it would be good to acclimatise especially when I’m from a country at sea level -.- I should be able to cope, but just to steer clear from AMS I think we should take it easy.

    Oh yes I think it would be great to bring a few passport sized photos of yourself to get those permits registered.

    Sounds good, let me know about your tickets once you got them!


  7. Awesomeness is at an all time high! Have had a look at flights and the best one is for me to get in on the 8th and leave 23, will buy in two weeks. Pretty much confirmed though.

  8. Hello people,

    I have a fixed flight for Nepal on November 28th and will stay until the end of january. I’m a 24 years old, mountain experienced geologist. Since it will be my first time in the Himalayans, I’d be totally happy to have a group for hiking.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  9. Im 17 years old from malaysia . I would like to find a partner to do ABC in the same month . Dont have any plans but i really want to go there . Have u book your air tickets?

    • Hi Asyraaf,

      Ive booked tickets 9-24 December. Plan to do the trek 11-22 Dec.
      Let me know about your plans


    • My plan in 7 dec from Kl , and My plan go tO AC from besaisahar tO manang so sm start trekking from manang tO thorongla pass but If AC closed I Will go tO abc

  10. Hi!
    Lovisa 28 y/o from Sweden here 🙂
    I am going to Nepal early December, no flights booked yet, and are looking for a nice trekk to do. I have never been to Nepal before and I am traveling by myself looking for a group to join, with or without guide. ABC sounds really good to me. I am fairly fit and really easy going, looking for like minded people to do the trekk with.

    • Hey!

      Sorry for the delayed response! Have you booked your flight yet?
      I have already got my tickets from 9-24 December.

      Looking forward to your reply!


  11. Hi I would be trekking the ABC sometime in last two weeks of December. My tickets are booked to land in KTM on 16th of December. If anyone has a similar itinerary, and looking for a partner. Hit me up, we can co-ordinate and plan together.


  12. For anyone planning to do the ABC trek in December can send me a text at +65 98731668 (preferably on WhatsApp).


  13. Hi all! I’m John, 23 y/o doctor from the UK. Late to party as usual but planning on solo trekking ABC with a couple of side treks around the same time (likely starting 9/10th of December as well pending permit times). Nice to know there will be some other faces along the way, and hopefully see you guys on the route!

    • Hi John, alright that’s great! When are you planning to leave Nepal?


  14. Looking at leaving around the 28th of December but I have a flexible flight so can go either way.
    Making sure i’m back from the trek for Christmas in Pokhara! If any of you guys are there on the 25th we should meet up so some (bad) carol singing!

    • That’s awesome, I would be reaching KTM 8th dec and leaving 24th Dec. Plan to be back in KTM by 23rd Dec. Perhaps we can do the trek together? It would be great if we can.


    • I’ll be trekking ABC but starting earlier, maybe we’ll meet up during the route! And I might end up in Pokhara for christmas, 24th is Christmas celebration and 25th is as a tradition the day of party hard with friends for us Swedes, if so I can definitely contribute with some really bad singing! 😉


    • I’m sure there’s some Swedish carols for me to perfect!

  15. Hi all, I arrive in Kathmandu on 8th Dec, and looking at heading on a trek the morning of the 9th. I’ve only got 6 days but would love to join a group rather than be on my own. Even happy with an organised tour but can’t find anything with others right now. Even if you’re going longer, I can find my way back to KTM by 13th. Would love to hear from anyone!
    Cheers Marnie

    • Nice to hear all of the adventure lovers idea .
      i am also planning some where around 10-15 Dec to depart for long awaited ABC . it is cold but also have no much other time then this .

  16. Hi Guys,
    Greetings from India,
    Even I am planning a solo trek from 9-25dec’17 in Nepal. I Haven’t booked tickets yet. But I can have flexible dates if required by anyone.
    Looking forward to memorable trip 🙂


  17. Guys , i am planning it around dec 10-15 to start and for a week around and if you want to walk with a local from kathmandu you can give me call and we can meet for tea in thamel and make plans. i love travelling and i have explored the many parts of himalayan corner of Nepal tibet bhutan and india and waiting for abc

    • Great. I am interested. Will PM you for more details. 🙂