Annapurna Base Camp Trek


I am a 23 year old Australian/Vietnamese looking for a partner to trek the ABC with me! I am outgoing and enjoy good conversation and company. If you are keen let me know! I am flexible with dates but prefer to keep it between 22/12 and 05/01

My plans are as follows:

23/12: Fly into to Kathmandu
24/12: Take a bus to Pokhara and trekk to Tolkha
25/12: Tolkha to Chhomrong
26/12: Chhomrong to Doban
27/12: Doban to MBC
28/12: MBC to ABC and back to Doban
29/12: Doban to Chhomrong
30/12: Chhomrong to Tolkha
31/12: Tolkha to Pokhara
01/01: Take a bus from Pokhara back to Kathmandu

Again, I’m flexible with this schedule – If anyone is keen or have any advice, let me know! 😀



3 replies
  1. Hey William,

    I plan to be in the annapurna area from the 23rd December to 31st December. Lets see if we can join forces

  2. Hi William,

    I plan in the same date as well (22/12/17 – 4/1/18) but i would like to add plan to go to poon hill as well.. i’ll be going solo, lets see if we could team up.

  3. Hi William,

    I am also planning on a trip around this time. I currently live in Hong Kong, planning on arriving in Kathmandu on 22nd. Let me know if you are interested in teaming up.