Annapurna Base Camp Trek

I’m Derk-Jan from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and want to do the Three Passes Trek / Annapurna trek (prefer three passes)! I will be done with my internship at the 31st of May and will be flying to Kathmandu at the second/third of June to Kathmandu.

My plan looks like this:
Kathmandu (1 day preparation, then off to Lukla to start the three passes trek there)
18-20 days walking the Three Passes Trek (ECB included ofc!)
After the trek I am going to the west of Nepal to enter India and go to Kashmir.

I am still searching for a trekking buddy for the three passes trek. I got my starting location from this video… Take a look at it, you might like it and think: Let’s do it! I could meet up with anyone in Kathmandu, do the preparations and then go with a bus or anything to Lukla. 🙂


If you are also planning something in this direction, don’t hestitate to react!

PS: I have a budget for I am a student, but I’m not extremely poor, so still in for crazy stuff that costs money ;). Prefer to do it without a guide. Furthermore, my pace usually is somewhat higher, but I don’t mind doing it on a steady pace!



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  1. Glad we’ve touched base. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll solidify plans. 🙂

  2. Hi there 🙂

    I am wanting to do just the Annapurna Base Camp trek over around 9 days in the start of June (was hoping to leave Pokhara around 8th June but I am a bit flexible).

    This is not quite the three passes as you said but thought I would get in touch to see if you would be interested in just the ABC trek at all?

    Budget wise I would say I am similar to you, which is why I was happy to go independent rather than getting a package deal.

    Pace.. I would say I am probably steady rather than high pace. I wouldn’t say I am slow though!!

    Let me know if you think our plans might work out together!


  3. Hey Derk-Jan,

    I was originally thinking of doing the Annapurna circuit + ABC solo, but Three Passes Trek looks way more enticing to do! It definitely seems more technical so I would prefer to go with some buddies if I were to do it.
    Hope we can keep in touch and see if we can do this one together!