Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Hello! I arrived in Kathmandu on May 6 morning. I’ll be there for two days and on the 7th, go to Pokhara. From there start the trekking. If there is anyone these days who is going to do the same tour, it would be great. I do not want to go alone. My level of English is very basic I will be in Nepal from 6 to 22 May. If anyone is encouraged, we’ll see you through the mountains! Namaste



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  1. Hello,
    I am a solo traveller. Hope to be in Nepal during second week of May 2017. I prefer to travel simple, humble, and without guide or porter. Flexible with dates and budget.

  2. Heyy! Hope you are doing good. I will also be travelling to Nepal in second week of May. I will arrive in Pokhra then will move to Nayapul. Will start my trek from Nayapul to Annapurna Base Camp. I am looking for a partner so that the trek would be easy. If you agree to join, we can mutually decide the rest of the plan. Thanks & waiting for your response. 🙂

  3. Hi Airun, Amod, Faisal and others,
    I would be doing the ABC around this time. Its my first time there so would prefer not doing it alone.
    Please lemme know if we can do it together.

  4. Hello. I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on 7 May and I will also go to Pokhara to begin a trek on 8 or 9 May. I would like to do the Annapurna Circuit. Let me know if the dates suit anyone.


  5. Hi, I am currently in India, and I will cross to Nepal on the 6th, I will spend one day kathmandu and intend to travel to Pokhara to start the Annapurna Base Camp on May 9 or 10. I am anxious to see the highest mountains in the world. If someone has the same plans we get in touch!

  6. I will be in pokhara from 9th may to 25th may. Will do Annapurna base camp trek. Let me know about your plans.

  7. hey im from nepal also planing to do ABC. if we can go along please let me know on whatssap or viber +9779823498293

  8. Hey,

    I’m from the Netherlands and I would really like to join the ABC-trekking. Just contact me if you want to!

  9. Hey guys 🙂 I am already in Pokhara and doing some plannings for a trekk. I would love to go in a group next days. So if we all go together, that would be great 🙂

  10. I was at an agency to talk about possible routes and figured out, that its not the best season to go the route over Poonhill now, because the view to the mountains might be bad. Better would be the way in the direction up to Mardi Base camp (not neccessary to go until the camp, but close to it). Its a walk through forest and offers a great view close to the Annapurna Mountain. Its possible to do that in about 4 days. Afterwards one can continue to Annapurna Base Camp. What do you think? Is anybody intersted in this route? For the part to Mardi Base Camp we would need a guide because its a new route and it goes through the forest aswell…

    I think whats app communication would be a lot easier. So just contact me on +49177 7102515 if you liked to join for the 9th. 🙂

    • Ok so Aman and me we go on the 10th on a mixed trekk of mardi himal and ABC. We will make the exact plan on the 9th. We would like to have more company 😉

  11. Hello!

    I’m planning to do the ABC trek tomorrow.
    Since it is more fun not to walk alone, just send me a whatsapp message if you want to join! 0031624557980.