Annapurna Base Camp Trek

I am planning to start the bc trek end of march, to be at home before easter. So start would be around 1st of april.
I wang to do the trek with a porter/guide.
I am fit but no altitude experience, but done enough trekking in the past. Just looking for fun people, who want to enjoy this trek, dont wang to break a worldrecord pacewise.



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  1. Hello, Wieteke!

    My name is Devia and I’m from Indonesia. I will arrive in Kathmandu on March 30th and I am planning to start the trek on 31 or 1st of April. I want to do the trek with a portert too.
    I am experienced in mountain trekking, but this is gonna be my 1st experience trekking outside my country. That’s why I think I cant do it by my self and I need partners during the trek.
    May I come with you?

    Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you! Greetings from Indonesia 🙂

  2. Hi Wieteke,

    My name is Johannes. I am looking for relaxed and laid back people to enjoy the trek.
    I have done trekking tours in the past but not for more than 6 days in a row, but the abc trek should not be a problem
    I will arrive in Kathmandu on March 30 and want to start the trek on first of April.

    If you are interested write me a message.

  3. namaste trekkers
    i m mattia , italian guy living in london
    i would like-love doing this trek with some other people.
    i ll be in nepal for 3 months and i will be in annapurna region in april
    my tim card is from 1 april to 5 of may.
    let me know if i can enjoy the group.
    thanks in advance

  4. Dear trekkers, my name is Thomas, from Switzerland. I would be ready to start on March 30th, and I need to be back in KTM on April 15th. @Wieteke: I would be happy to join if dates fit. Cheers, Thomas