Annapurna Base Camp Trek

I am arriving in Pokhara on the 28th November and looking to do the ABC trek, back through Poon hill and finish in Tatopani for a couple of days a the hot springs before the grueling 8hr road trip back to Pokhara / or 3 day walk back via Poon hill.

I am a well traveled Aussie guy in my late 30’s, reasonably quiet and reserved (unusual for an Aussie), but also likes a drink and a laugh (typical Aussie). Although I am used to hiking/trekking solo, have decided that I am going to need a porter this time and am looking to find someone/people to share the burden/costs with.

I am very easy going and flexible and believe that it is extremely important to take the trek as it comes. Meaning no real set schedule and hike at a rate that the group is comfortable with.

I personally don’t think we need a guide as well, maybe porter/guide but I am easy any which way. Sharing a porter with one other person + accommodation + food + 1 beer per day should cost around US$30 per day for 10-14 days. Total expected cost $300-$400. + permit costs ($40)

If anyone is interested in catching up in Pokhara for a drink and a chat, PM me and I will give you my Nepal phone number. If you have recently completed the ABC, I am intrestred to hear how the track is currently, or if you are interested in hearing about my experiences on the Annapurna Circuit (2010), Three Passes (2010) or EBC (2008) let me know.

My only real parameters are to be back in KTM by the 21st Dec. Or back into India on the 23rd. (I am having trouble extending my visa at the moment due to the SAARC Convention in KTM).

PLEASE no tour companies or trekking guide solicitation



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  1. We, 2ppl, are also arriving in Nepal soon, 30 Nov. Thinking of doing ABC once we have found our way to Pokhara. How is your planning going? Will you be finding a porter/guide once in Pokhara.

    • I have had a look here in ktm but decided it will be easier to get a local porter in Pokhara. I am not looking at starting the trek before the 1st or 2nd dec. If you want to catch up when you get to Pokhara, I will have had a chance to speak to a few agents/guides. I will pm you my nepal ph. Number

  2. Hi Ben,
    For 3 people, 12 days, 10kg allowance each, transport to/from Pokhara and allows for 2 extra rest days.
    US $10-11 each per day.
    Food and accom US $10-$15 Per day.
    Total: US $250
    Permits US $40
    Total $300-$350

    If your still interested to go Wed or Thurs, Friday at the latest. Let me know tomorrow and I will organise it.

    • Day1 Pokhara to Ulleri
      Day 2 Ulleri to Gorepani
      Day 3 Gorepani (poon hill) Rest
      Day 4 Gorepani to Chhomrong
      Day 5 Chhomrong to Deurali
      Day 6 Deurali to mbc
      Day 7 mbc to abc
      Day 8 abc Rest day
      Day 9 abc to Dovan
      Day 10Dovan to Jhinduano hot springs.
      Day 11 Jhinduano rest day
      Day 12 Jhinduano to Pokhara

  3. Sorry I did that wrong. There is an extra day between Gorepani and Chhomrong to go to Gandruk. So we would lose a rest day somewhere.