Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Hello fellow trekkers!

I plan to do the following tour to Annapurna Base Camp in the second half of March and still search for (a) trekking companion/s.

I am 30, from Germany, but currently living in Korea. Experienced hiker, climbed several peaks in Europe and Asia and also completed the Annapurna Circuit individually 2 years ago. However I didn’t have time to go to ABC to see Annapurna I up close. This is what I would like to do in march.

My plan is to start trekking on 17th or 18th of March from Biretanthi up to Ghorepani to see Poon Hill again. Then making my way to the historic village of Ghandruk and go up to ABC from there. On the way down I would like to stop at the hot springs in Jinhu before going down to the road again. Inculding a spare day this will probably take until March 27th or 28th.
If we are faster it would be possible to extend the tour to either Kopra Ridge or Mardi Himal Ridge, which are both close by and are said to offer great views of the Annapurna and Dhaulaghiri ranges.

I would like to go without a guide or a porter, but of course wouldn’t mind if you rely on a porter. Also I would like to move on a moderate pace, allowing enough time to enjoy the surroundings (the main reason to travel after all) and take a million pictures.

Looking Forwart to hear from you!



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  1. Hi Toni,
    I am still waiting for my holliday aproval, If I do get it I’ll join in your plan sounds cool.


  2. Hi Silvia!

    That would be great! I hope you get your vacation approved!
    Lets stay in touch!

  3. Hi Toni, I was trully happy with your plan, specially because of it’s simplicity, I am not going to be able to join you as my Holliday was cancelled.
    I am surelly going to do this hike one day!
    I wish you the best of times in Nepal. Cheers^^

    • Thanks for your reply!
      A shame you can’t join… keep me posted in case anything changes.

  4. Hi Toni!
    I’ll be in Nepal the whole month of March, but I have a course until the 12th. I’m flying back on the 28th, so I wouldnt really have time to go all the way with you. I do wanna do the Poon Hill one, though, and I don’t wanna do it alone… Do you know how it might work if I come with you to Poon Hill and then have to go back on my own? It would probably be more difficult to find someone going back from there to Pokhara, I suppose… and I’ve been advised not to trek on my own :/
    As you’ve been there before, do you know how long it’d take? The average Poon Hill takes around 5 days, right? Is it like a circular trek?
    Sorry for all the questions! Hope I can join you! 🙂

    • Hi Fernanda!

      I’m happy to hear from you and I’ll try to answer your questions. 😉

      Regarding the Poon Hill Trek:
      I plan to start to trek up to Poon Hill from Birethanti (near Nayapul – if you read Nayapul somewhere: thats the same trailhead). It’ll take about 1.5 days up. From Poon Hill there are noumerous ways to go:
      – Back down the same way to Birethanti (1 long day)
      – Down the other side to Tatopani (1 long day – has hot springs but transportation back to Pokhara is more complicated since you’ll have to switch busses in Beni)
      – To Ghandruk and down to Birethanti on a different path (3 days)
      – To Ghandruk and down to Pedi via Landruk and Tolka (3 or 4 days – possibility to include Jinhu which has hot springs but that would take at least 1 day more)

      If you take a look at this map, it should become more clear:

      So much for the Poon Hill. But I also want to share my current plan with you:
      Currently my plan looks like that:
      March 17th: Travel to Birethanti
      March 18th: Birethanti – Ulleri
      March 19th: Ulleri – Ghorepani
      March 20th: watch sunrise at Poon Hill; Ghorepani – Tadapani
      March 21st: Tadapani – Ghandruk (that day is optional – i’ve been told Ghandruk is a extremely pretty village but we can skip that)
      March 22nd: Ghandruk (or Tadapani) – Sinuwa
      March 23rd: Sinuwa – Deurali
      March 24th: Deurali – Sinuwa
      March 25th: watch sunrise at ABC; ABC – Sinuwa
      March 26th: Sinuwa – Jhinu Danda (Hot springs)
      March 27th: Jhinu Danda – Tolka
      March 28th: Tolka – Dhampus; travel to Pohkara

      So… I think you can’t join all the way in case you have to be back in Kathmandu on 28th. Of course if you could push your flight by one day it would be great to have company all the way!

      However, you could join until Ghandruk and go down to Birethanti on your own. That would be only 1 day and the path should be very obvious and pretty safe – mostly stone stairs I would guess.
      It is also pretty likely that you meet other hikers there who are going down the same way.

      It is true that one shouldn’t trek alone and I fully support that advice. However… it’s one single stage and it’s kind of a trekking highway, so I would think the risk for anything to happen is not very high.

      Sorry for the long post! 😉
      Have a nice weekend!

  5. Hi Toni! Hi Fernanda! I’ll be around nepal in March till the beginning of April and would love to do this trek – however without an agency and as downtoearth as possible. I don’t have too much long-distance-trekking-experience (yet) but I just love mountains, am pretty fit (and grew up in the Alps if that counts ? 😉 ) would look forward to finding some similar minded people… and as i did some research – your plan sounds great toni! Let me know what you think 🙂 Liebe Grüße aus Wien

    • Hi Prisca!
      Great to hear from you!
      I think it’s a good choice to do that treck without an agency. At least I’m pretty sure that a guide is not necessary.
      I’ll send you my Whatsapp details in a private message.

      Have a great week!

  6. Hi Toni,
    Are you flex on dates? I share your plan, however do not arrive in Pokhara until the 20th.
    let me know as it would be great to share the experience.

  7. Hi Toni,
    Any chance you are flex on leave date, I share your plans, but don’t get to Pokhara until the 20th.

    • Hi Rebecca!

      Bad news first: My flight leaves from Kathmandu on April 1st (not fooling you there), so considering the 11 day schedule I posted earlier and the fact that I actually would like to even have a spare day, I don’t think I would want to start as late as the 20th.
      Is there no chance for you to start one or two days earlier?

      Another option would be for us to get a head start towards poon hill and to meet up in Tadapani or Ghanruk, in case you take the shortcut from Birethanti directely towards Ghandruk. Then we’d be on the same schedule from there on.
      I read in the thread you opened yourself, that you plan with a shorter schedule anyway, so I would assume, you didn’t include Poon Hill anyway?

      What do you think?

  8. Hi Toni and Prisca and Rebecca!

    Toni, I’m sorry, I hadn’t seen your reply! Thanks for all the info, it sounds great! I think going from Ghandruk back on my own would not be a problem… So I’m guessing I’ll join!

    Prisca, great! Come along! And you grew up in the Alps haha that’ll be easy…

    Rebecca, I don’t know how flexible Toni will be with his dates, but I would not have a problem starting on the 20th I think… Just so you know 🙂

    Hope to see you all soon!

  9. Hi Fernanda!

    Great news if you can join us! Prisca is in as well. =)

    Do you use any messenger, such as WhatsApp? We can open a chat group with everyone then.

  10. Hello everyone,

    I will be at Nepal on march 11th. after a few days in Katmandu and Pokhara. I want to walk to Annapurna Base Camp. My schedule is flexible. I am not very experienced at high altitude butaware of mountains, newbei climber and intersted with mountaineering. But, I am not:)

    Itwould be very nice to share adventure and walk together:)

  11. Hey guys!! im so sorry i disappeared! i was doing a meditation course that doesn’t allow phone sleep or any type of communication whatsoever tbh hehe. im leaving to pokhara tomorrow and i met some people who might be going on this trek but maybe earlier. I might join them, as that would give me time to trek longer but if they give up i’ll join you on the 17th! i wanna give you my whatsapp number but probably not here openly hehe, i’ll message you.
    See ya!!

  12. Hi there I already wrote Rebecca. And will open up to this group now – I will arrive in KTM the 17th of March and will leave for Pokhara the 20 or 21. Would be ready to go then the 21 or 22. I do not need the Poon Hill, I did it last year. So I would jump on later, if this would fit with your plans. I have to leave Pokhara again the 4th of April.
    I would suggest a meeting in KTM this weekend. If somebody of you is still there?
    susan from Germany

  13. Hello everyone,

    I am in pokhara now. Due to avalanches, abc is closed untill friday. Because of the danger, l decided go with guide. We will leave on the friday. We will go and check condition, if it is okay, then contuniue or return and go to poon hill.

    Please aware the risk. It seems it is not best time to go abc independetly.

    Have a safe trek