Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Hello all,

I am Kirstyn from Wales! I am 28 and I enjoy swimming outdoors, hiking and Electric Light Orchestra! I like to travel also and some of my favourite places so far have been Japan and the Philippines.

Visiting Nepal has been a dream since I was a kid, so I need to do it this year! I will be in Nepal from mid February to the start of May.

I have now finalised plans a little more, my aim is to do some rafting and chilling in Pokhara and then do a relaxed dawdle up to Annapurna Base camp, starting around february 20th. If there is risk of avalanche or too much snow I won’t go all the way but will play it by ear. It would be nice to have some company for this trek.

In April for the month I will be doing Everest Base camp from Jiri with side trips with my husband so I am just planning on taking it relaxed and enjoying the Himalayan surroundings on this trek.

If your going to be there at the same time, get in touch! 🙂



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  1. Hi Kirstyn
    I’m planning on doing Annapurna Circuit in the beginning – mid march – you can check out my post on this – if you are interested let me hear from you.

  2. Hello Rikke,

    That sounds fantastic, I don’t mind doing Annapurna base camp or the circuit, have heard good things about both. I have accommodation booked in Pokhara on 1st to 3rd of March, but this can be amended. When do you think you will be in pokhara?


  3. Hi Kirstyn,
    Good to hear from you. I land in Kathmandu around March 7 and then I need a couple of days to get my gear and permits. Around march 10 or 11 will be my best guess. Will that work for you?

  4. Hello Rikke,

    I am just working out dates as have just booked flights, I might have to start a week earlier than you as need to be around to meet my hubbie at lukla by a certain date start of April. I will keep you posted though, I could maybe go on a rafting trip, then meet you, I will keep you informed though of my up to date plans.
    Speak to you soon
    Kirstyn 🙂

  5. Hi Kirstyn:-)
    That sound great. I hope your plans work out for you and I look forward hearing from you when you know more.

  6. Hi Kirstyn, I’m still researching my options to confirm my plans but I am doing an amended version of the AC; I am going to avoid the road and opt for a Jeep in places where the road traffic would make trekking unpleasant. I’m arriving in KTM on March 1 and after getting permits and such I think I would be ready to begin the AC on Mar 2 or 3. I would like to complete the trek within 17 days; and I’m kind of going off of this guy’s written documentation of the trek

    Let me know if our plans sound similar!

  7. Hiii Kirsten and Rikke

    I am too planning for ABC trek in early March,I have trekked Dolpo trek last year and ABC is my long time dream
    I have been to Nepal several times and quite familiar there ,I prefer trekking independently and it will be great if we form a trekking group

  8. Hello Mohd and Rikke, I will be leaving a little bit earlier now, around February 20th, so might see you around Pokhara, happy trekking!

  9. Hi Kirsten (and everyone). I want to do the Annapurna Basecamp trek mid february for 10 days, independently, but preferrably with a trekking group :). My latest start date has to be 20th of february, since I have my flight back home from Kathmandu at the 3rd of march. Will be in Pokhara from the 17th I think. Would like to join if that would be possible for you guys timewise!

  10. Hi Kirstyn et al,

    My name is Kate and I am here in Nepal with a friend (Becca) we are very interested in doing the Annapurna Base Camp or Sanctuary Trek (I think the main difference is one is up and back the same way and one is a circuit? Please someone correct me if I’m wrong!) I’m expecting a hike between 10-12 days. I like that you described this as a ‘relaxed dawdle’ which is probably just about on pace for me, as I have no experience in trekking but I don’t wanna return from here and not be able to say I did a trek! I’m reaching out to potential trek buddies and/organizations for pricing. (Have emailed 3 sisters for guide hire and am scanning this website for a flat rate inclusive) Since I have no experience I’d opt for a guide, but I’ve heard the trail is so well traveled you could do it with just a map. Thoughts? We are also hoping to leave on the 19th or 20th of February too, so that would work out perfectly.

    Looking forward to hopefully hearing back from you!


  11. Hello Maartje etc,
    I am in pokhara from the 18th hopefully, I could probably leave on the Saturday morning to start the trek. If you like we could go for food or a drink on the Friday eve to discuss possible routes etc? I should arrive in pokhara if buses are okay by mid afternoon, give me a message on here 🙂

    • Cool, I’m in! I’ll arrive on Friday afternoon as well by bus from Kathmandu. Drinks & food sounds good! For me, starting on the 18th or 19th would be great.

  12. Oops I mean will arrive Friday 17th!

  13. Awesome, might see you on the bus! Not sure whether to get a green line or another bus or not! 🙂

  14. Right, so I have been educating myself on this and learned that the ABC and Sanctuary trek are pretty much one and the same, after all. Silly me! It also seems as though we will need ACAP and TIMS registration cards? Which can be acquired in either Kathmandu or Pokhara with 2 passport photos? Might be worth noting and addressing early.

    Look forward to meeting you guys!

  15. Hi Krystin!

    Just saw your post about the basecamp trek, I will be doing the same trek! maybe we can meet up!

  16. Hi Krystin!

    Just saw your post about the basecamp trek, I will be doing the same trek! Taking it easy sounds good so maybe we can meet up!

  17. Awesome! We will prob be leaving either Saturday or Sunday, if you want to meet up with us in pokhara tomorrow eve for food give me an email 🙂

  18. Hey guys, I am heading to Pokhara the 18th and want to do Annapurna basecamp too. Can I join you guys?

  19. Hey, i will get back to pokhara on saturday so dinner tomorrow is not possible for me u fortunately, don’t know it I will be ready to go by sunday either so make your plans and I will see what you decide. If I can I would live to join though!