Annapurna Base Camp Trek


I’m wanting to trek to Annapurna Circuit mid April 2017. Im easy on the start date and I don’t want to rush the experience, as long as Im in Kathmandu by the 30th of April it will work for me. Im traveling alone so I’m looking for a trekking partner to share the experience with an maybe the cost of a guide. Let me know if your interested.

Zari Xx



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  1. Hey, I’m heading to Nepal on April 2nd looking to do some trekking in the Annapurna Region. As long as i can make it back to Kathmandu by the 30th.

    • Hey Peter, are you still planning on hiking Ananpurna? I arrive in Kathmandu on the 6th and plan to hike on the 9th, finish at the end of April. I havent really worked out any more details then that, Im also not crazy fit, so im not planning on rushing. Let me know what your plans are.

  2. Hey Zari ! Even i’m planning my circuit trip. I have already completed the trek previously but i’m looking for it once again . I can assist you throughout your stay here in nepal and can be your trekking guide . I’ll take no charges for guide and will travel with you on my own cost 🙂

  3. Hi Zari, I was thinking to do the same trek, more or less on the same date. I can be in Kathmandu by 13th April. This would be my first time in Nepal 🙂

    • Hey Davide, Im arrive into Kathmandu on the 6th of April and planning on start the treck on the 9th. I dont really have a scheduled all i know is that I want to take it easy, probably spend 18 days hiking, but im flexible on that. Have your plans developed anymore?

  4. Hello Zari,
    I am also looking to do this trek around that time. I will be finishing up a volunteer week in Katmandu on the 15th and could meet you in Katmandu or in the Annapurna region. I will also be solo.

    • Hello, are you still interested in doing the treck? 🙂

  5. Hi Zari, I will also be in Nepal in April and would like to trek the AC. I need to be back in Kathmandu on the 28th of April the latest. I will probably arrive in Kathmandu on 3rd of April and would like to start the trek shortly after. Would that date be suitable for you? Looking forward to your reply.

    • Hey Line, Im arriving in Kathmandu of the 6th and thinking of starting the treck on the 9th. I dont have any set plans expect my flight. Fair warning im not the fittest person, so thats a reason i want to take it slow, but also I want to enjoy the mountain. Im open to hiring a guide but have also been told they it can be done without one. Im pretty chilled about it all but would prefer a smaller hiking group rather then a large one. Let me know what you think.

  6. Hi Everyone! I’ll also be in Nepal in early April, looking to complete the Annapurna Circuit and be back in Kathmandu by April 29th. I was thinking something along the lines of this itinerary if any of you are interested.

    Day 1: Bus from Kathmandu to Besisahar, Local bus to Chamje
    Day 2: Chamje (1133m) – Danaque (2195m)
    Day 3: Danaque (2195m) – Chame (2670m)
    Day 4: Chame (2670m) – Lower Pisang (3209m)
    Day 5: Lower Pisang (3209m) – Manang (3546m)
    Day 6: Acclimatization in Manang
    Day 7: Manang (3546m) – Tilicho Base Camp (4150m)
    Day 8: Tilicho Base Camp (4150m) – Tilicho Lake (5083m) – Shree Kharka (4100m)
    Day 9: Shree Kharka (4100m) – Yak Kharka (4018m)
    Day 10: Yak Kharka (4018m) – Thorong High Camp (4875m)
    Day 11: Thorong High Camp (4875m) – Thorong La-Pass (5416m) – Muktinath (3670m)
    Day 12: Muktinath (3670m) – Jomsom (2760m)
    Day 13: Flight from Jomsom to Pokhara

    • Hello Andrew, when will you arrive in Nepal?

    • Hey andrew, I fly into Kathmandu on the 6th and planning on starting the hike on the 9th, but felxible on that. When are you planning on starting the trek?

  7. Hello Zari and everyone else! I am using the trecking group ‘Nepalsocialtrecks’ and I am thinking of doing the Anapurna circuit treck leaving on the 11th of April and it takes 14 days with them, it costs about $900 with them, as a first time trecker I wanted to use a company and I know they have space on their tour check out their website, having said that if there’s a big group of people going independently as a group around that time and it’s cheaper I would be up for that! Would be more fun if it was a social occasion!

    Thanks ! 🙂

  8. Hi all! I’m planning do this trek too (18 days starting in Besisahar). I will arrive at khatmandu on 6th April and maybe start the trekking on 9th. We can go directly from KTM to Besisahar.