Annapurna Base Camp Trek


I am planning on doing the ABC starting out december 6th. I’d like to keep a steady-fast pace since I don’t av too much time. Need to finish in about 8-10 days. I am a social Swede looking for great company!



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  1. Hi there Lisa,

    I’m still looking for a trekkingpartner, i wanted to go to the Annapurna Base Camp Trek around the same time as you and i’m also on a time scedule (need to be back in Kathmandu around the 20th). Are you still looking for a partner?

    • Same schedule. Same target. If you are interested. Please contact me. I am a French 26 yo. See ya !

    • HI Lucy and Clement,

      I will arrive on 6th or 7th at KTM and I want to do the ABC. Are you still looking for partners ? I’m a 24 French girl.

      See you !

  2. I’m looking for a trekking partner as well. My plan is to start from and end in Pokhara 11th Dec to 18th Dec. I will not to the Poon hill as I don’t have time. How does that fit your schedule?

  3. hello all!

    I fly into KTM on the 29th of November and am hoping to start Anapurna as soon as possible.

    Dont have anyone to trek with yet so if you fancy another let me know. Open to guides etc.

    Many thanks, Joe

  4. Hi Lisa & everybody else,

    I’d also like to do the ABC and am looking for some company. Your schedule would suit me pretty well. What’s the status on your group?

    Greetings, Raoul

  5. hi, going to arrive in Nepal 2nd of December. And really interested to join a group. Let me know ASAP if it is possible. Thanks

  6. Wow – I am so sorry for not replying to you all! I found a great hiking-group and didn’t check this page for that reason. I hope you all figured it out and are preparing for great adventurous!