Annapurna Base Camp Trek


I am planning to trek ABC in october this year, I dont have time constraints and dont want to do it in a rush. It would be nice to do it independently, teahouse to teahouse, but a guide/porter is not entirely out of question, if i dont find a partner. I am ok with budget too, the lesser the better!

I am of average fitness but I love trekking so i like to do it a natural pace. if you think your pace matches mine, we can do this together.

If you are trekking around the same time, and have a plan, we can pair up. I changed my mind from EBC to ABC so for now i am absolutely clueless what the trek entails.




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  1. Hi Kanika, I am also planning my first trip to Nepal at around that time. I do a lot of hiking at home in Switzerland, but I have never been trekking at high altitudes, so moderate pace sounds good to me!
    Let me know if you are still planning and if you are interested in joining forces! 🙂

    • Hi franziska.. That sounds good. Can you email me so that we can discuss our plans further?

    • hello planning also my first trip to Nepal during during that period I am interested as well joining with you.

  2. my plan is from 14/10 🙂

    • Hi tuan, i will be In Nepal
      On those dates. I am thinking of doing offbeat treks in Nepal and Annapurna region, rather than doing the base camp. You can join if you like..

    • Hi Kanika,
      I will start trek on 16/10 and 25/10 I will come back Kathmandu.
      If we can do a trekking together, we can meet up in Kathmandu.

    • HI Tuan,

      I would love that 🙂

      I will arrive in KTM on 5th Nov. You can add me on FB?

  3. Hi
    I am from Mexico , living in the UK . I will be traveling with a friend to India,then we split and I will be arriving at nepal October 7th. I will love to make the hiking the Annapurna Circuit Trek. I am not sure if you already have a full group but if you don’t fell free to contact me !!

    • Hi Monica,

      sorry for not replying sooner. My dates have changed to November. Hope you have a great trek in Annapurna region.. 🙂

    • Hey Monica,

      I am in nepal right now and am also looking for trekking companions. My schedule is flexible but I would like to depart end october/begin november.

  4. Hi,

    I am planning to trek ABC this Nov independently. A wanna join with a group or solo hikers as well.

    • Hi. I’m looking for independent trekking at Nepal Nov 1st-6th and finish Nov 20th. Should i add you on skype!? lam.minh.tue

    • Hi. I’m looking for independent trekking at Nepal Nov 1st-6th and finish Nov 20th. Should i add you on skype!? lam.minh.tue

  5. Hello, We can plan together. I send a message in your skype.

    • Hi Israel,

      Please add me on skype: kanika.gupta5985

  6. Hi there, I’m in Nepal right now and would love to do the abc trekking or a similar one around end october/begin november. I would prefer to do it without a guide or porter for my budget isn’t spectacular 😉 Hit me up if you wanna trek together! My email is

  7. Hi Guys

    I will be traveling in Nepal for some trek may be AC or ABC ,please share your itinerary so i may join you if i stick to ABC trek

    I am a regular visitor to Nepal but think that AC is much more beautiful than ABC trek since the height gain is gradual


    • Hi Mohd,

      I am arriving in Nepal on 5th Nov and will leave for teh trek for ABC in next 2-3 days. I know AC is better but I am short of time and unfit to do that trek. If you are interested in ABC, we can definitely do this together. Let me know when you will arrive in Nepal.


  8. Hi I’m starting my ABC trek from 1st Nov onwards , I’m going alone for this trek .. I have talked to one agency in pokhara

  9. Hi, I’m arriving on KTM on the 31st october and looking for a small group of solo trekkers to join in the beginning of November. Are you or anyone here still looking for partners? I’m flexible on time and route, pretty fit, moderate speed would suit me. Would prefer to do it without a guide and porters.


    • hi matt wanna join me arriving KTM 04NOV.

  10. Hi! If I havn’t left by then that would be great! My very loose plan is to check onto a hostel in KTM for a few days while I work out a route and chat to other trekkers. I can let you know which hostel when I find one.

  11. Hey 🙂
    I’m also wanting to do the ABC around that time and would love to do it in a pace that you can really enjoy the nature and the way. I finished the circuit a couple of weeks ago and didn’t feel like I had enough but at the same time scared to push myself to hard. I’d love this time to travel with people from around the world and get that extra experience. Let me know if you are interested (or anyone else here here).

  12. Hi
    I’m in Pokhara now and planning to set out on Tuesday 1 November to do the trek to Annapurna Base Camp and back, possibly with a detour via Poon Hill on the return journey. I’m not taking a guide or a porter. I’m not young (63) but I am fit – my pace is slow compared to an athlete in their 20s, but would be in line with anyone who wants a more relaxed journey. I have done some hiking in the UK and have had mountaineering training (summer and winter).
    Happy to meet up in Pokhara today (Sunday) or tomorrow to discuss possible teaming- up.