Annapurna Base Camp (Mid Winter Trekking)

im 29 yo from malaysia, planing to hit the track independently but im open for anybody who would like to tag along. its good to have someone to talk with rather than talk to nature and myself all the time. (plus watch each other back from yeti)

i’ve done trekking several times but this is my first time trekking in nepal with higher altitude and cold weather.



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  1. I am interested. I can’t commit yet but I am very interested. That -40c scares me a bit though. I am an American living taiwan. Haha November 24 is my birthday. I’ll be34.

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    Does it really get that cold?

  3. i’m planning to fly into kathmandu from singapore on the 25th.then hit pokhara the following day.acclamatize for a day and then head up for the trek by the 27th of november.

  4. hey guys, due to some work, i’ve change my plan to end of december, ill start from pokhara on 28Dec and will see the the 1st day of 2015 sunrise on top of ABC.

  5. I love that you want to see the first year’s sunrise at abc. I’m interested in doing that as well but wonder how far in advance we need to start to get there. Pls message me and let’s talk!

  6. Hey there, I’ve been looking at the maps and it’s entirely possible you may not be able to, technically, witness a sunrise at ABC since the mountains will essentially block the early, colorful stages. Beautiful sunrises are more likely to be seen either from the easternmost side of a range (not sure of the situation of base camp), or, if enough of the lower horizon can be seen, from the edge of a valley, a distance away from the mountains would be beautiful. I think this is why people talk about Nagarkot for sunrises. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration; I think we might do sunrise at Nagarkot, then enjoy the trek in Annapurna region without worrying about catching the new year’s sunrise. :-). Good luck with your trek!

  7. Hi, are you still planning to do the ABC trek?! I’m interested! If anybody is planning the ABC in this period please let me.know. Cheers,

    • hye luigi, ill be arrive in kathmandu from kuala lumpur on 25dec, lets meet up there.

    • Hi Encik, I will land to Kathmandu on 26 dec early morning. If I can obtain permit on 26 I could start the ABC trek on 28.
      I sent you a PM.

    • Hei! I have arrived today in Pokhara.. I wanted to do the Poon Hill + ABC , starting on 29th, maybe we could do it all together.. are you already in pokhara? Would you be inerested?

  8. I’ll be heading to Nepal on the 27th Dec and am thinking of taking on the Everest Base Camp Trek. Will be traveling alone and would be great to have some company for the road ahead.

    Let me know if you’re interested.