ANNAPURNA BASE CAMP( abc sanctuary)


I’m planning on doing the annapurna basecamp trek solo,(no porter or guide) female, 25, canadian. not hiring a porter or guide. Ive done hiking/trekking before through out Canada. But this will the be longest trek at the highest altitude! I’m confident I can move at a moderate pace, and if you need/feel you want to move faster at your own pace I’m ok with that.

I’ll arrive into kathmandu on the 12th of November and fly out on the 29th of November. So I’d like to to do it anytime after the 14th and be back into Kathmandu by the 27th-28th

I’m looking for someone who is laid back and pretty adventurous, someone who doesn’t mind veering off the path to checkout spots. I’ve been travelling for the last two months, and have a year to do. I’d like to start at poohilll, but totally open to starting and ending where ever!

If you have any questions, shoot me a message 🙂



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  1. Hi Brigid!
    I ll be interested in doing the ABC with you. I have done the gorepani poonhill in May and loved it.

    I m volunteering in the mountains now about 7hours from pohkara. But I can be back in pokhara around the 15th. I think the trek is about 9/10 days so you won’t be able to be back for the 22nd. Is that an issue?


    • Hey Claire! I just noticed I put the wrong date on there! I’d love to do it with you!!

    • What’s a good way to get in contact with you?

  2. Hi Brigid,

    I’m also looking at doing the ABC trek but I don’t arrive in Nepal until the 16th so ideally I’d like to start on the 17th and the aim is to complete it under 10 days. My friend may also be joining and she will also need to be back by 28th.. will this be too late for you?

    • Hi Jess, I m jumping in this conversation cause It d be fun to all do it together but it takes about a day to go from ktm to pokhara (if you take the bus of course, flying is obviously faster) and the bus only leaves at 6.30am and arrrives around 2.30/3pm in pokhara. So if you arrive on the 16th in ktm, it s unlikely you can start on the 17th. Unless you have the permits and everything ready and you straight away take a bus to the nearest village from where you start the trek on the 18th? I know it sounds a bit patronizing but it s really not intended. Just trying to get a better idea of everyone’s plan to see if we can create a team!

    • Hey jess. For me the 17th works! Im in KTM now getting gear and getting a permit! I was going to head to pokhara on the 15th! so really the 17th works for me! just as long as I’m back to catch my flight 🙂

    • also jess! add me on Facebook
      brigid rae!!

      we can communicate via messenger as communicating on this website is a bit hard!

  3. Hi Brigid,
    I arrived in Pokhara yesterday and am planning on spending a couple of days here sightseeing before starting the ABC trek. Some company would be great!

    • hey jacqui!! add me on Facebook messenger!!

      brigid rae

      we can discuss the trip!!

      look forward to hearing from yah girl

  4. Hi everybody, I am also planning to do ABC trek via Poonhill starting on 17th november. I’d like to be back in pokhara on 26th/27th november. Maybe you read in my Post that I am/was still undecided of taking a guide – but if we create a team without a guide I would totally agree!

    Beste, Britta

    • hey britta! add me on Facebook

      brigid rae!! this website is driving me nuts for communicating

  5. Hello girls, im also doing ABC departing from Pokhara on the 15th. Planning to go uo and down in 9 days. Would be awesome to share some of the path with u.