Annapurna Base Camp

Hi there.

I am doing the Annapurna Base Camp Trek in December 2014, leaving Pokhrara 30/11/2014 or 01/12/2014. If anybody want´s to join me, woul be great not to travel alone. For the company and for the safety (just a mindset 🙂

I am traveling alone, male, 33 year. For futher informations please visit my profile or write me a message.
Looking forward 🙂




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  1. Hello Tomas, I would really like to do the Annapurna basecamp trek however I arrive on the 6th of December in Kathmandu so I guess that’s too late for you..but if you do decide to leave at a later stage let me know if youre still looking for people. cheers Maarten

    • Hello Maarten. the 6th of December is a bit too late for me, sadly. After this trek I want to leave fot the Annapurna Circuit I, so I have not so much time to spent. I can leave you then some hints, how the trek is, if there will be Internet connection during the trip.
      If something changes, I will let you know.


  2. Hello, that’s cool. Yeah I originally booked my holiday for being there right now and my aim was always doing the Annapurna circuit (guess I am lucky with disaster that happened), however I changed to December but thought the circuit may not be possible because its out of season and the Annapurna base camp is perhaps more feasible (not sure since I believe its nearly as high but just shorter). Cheers for offering me giving hints about the trek and would be cool to keep in touch.

  3. Tomas..that date suits me very well..just wanted to know if you are doing it with guide or without guide? can i join you?

    • Hello. I do not want to do it with a guide. If you are OK with it, we can stay in touch, I should be in Kathmandu on 28/11 and in pokhara 29/11. Still do not have a flight ticket for Kathmandu-Pokhara, so hopefully I can manage the 29/11 to be there.
      Anyway, I do not want to do the ABC trek alone, so I will give futher information about my arrival and we can organize something.

  4. Hi Tomas, I was planning a ABC / Poon Hill treck but I don’t have a lot of time so i was thinking about doing it on my own, with no agencies to speed the whole thing up. I’ll be in KTM on nov 29th, early in the morning.
    Let me know. Giulio.

    • Hello Giulio. I am leaving KTM on 29th so about 12:00. Have a flight booked to Pokhara.
      I also don´t want any agencies included, just doing it on my own.
      Maybe we see eachother on the way.
      Cheers, Tomas 🙂

  5. Hello Thomas, I’m planning the same trek. The date suits me very wel. I’m a medical student and i finish my programme in Kathmandu on the 29th. How are your plans?How many days? What do you expect to spend? Let me know! Really excited

    • Hi there people 🙂 sorry for the late reply, been busy before my depardue.

      My Plan is to start on 1st dec from Pokhara.

      just looked at the map. I would like to do it in 10, days and the first two days like this – Pokhara to Tolka and the second day Tolka to Chhomrong.

      On the way back maybe the same route or the route to Naya Pul like you.
      I hope I will be able to get all the permits and stuff on sunday so I can move on monday. If so, I think we will meet in Tolka or some other place on the route 🙂

      if we will not see eachother, wish you a beatifull trip and stay safe
      Cheers, Tomas

  6. People, I am glad so many of you want to do the same trek in almost the same date. I was afraid, I will be alone on the route in december 🙂
    Now I am not anymore, hope to see you on the way, hope to stick together for some time 🙂
    looking forward to meet you there.

  7. Allready in pokhara. Nice and busy 🙂
    Bought the permit to ABC. Leaving on monday, hope to make it to tolka, but maybe have to stay one night in Phedi. Depends on time of arrival in phedi.
    Hope to see someone in one of the hotels 🙂