Annapurna Base Camp !! :)

Hi everyone!

I decided to go to Nepal for the ABC trek at the last minute so I didn’t find travelmate yet. I will arrive in Kathmandu the 2nd of April and start my trekking itinerary the 4th, if anyone wants to join me I will be very glad!
Have a good day and enjoy your trip




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  1. Update:

    Still didn’t found any travelmate unfortunately, I wanted to trek without a guide but for safety reasons if I’m alone I’ll be obliged to take one. I have to admit that my departure is soon now and I begin to be worried !

    So if anyone is starting a trek from Pokhara or Birethanti even if you do another trip like the full circuit or whatever I’ll be really really happy to share a piece of my trek! 🙂

  2. Moderator

    I’ll post your trip on our Facebook as well. Let’s hope we can find you someone 🙂 Are you in KTM now? Make sure you check the bulletin boards at places like Pumpernickel Bakery, Or2K and Kathmandu Guest House.

  3. Oh, thanks a lot! I’m still in Geneva now, I will land in KTM in 4 days. I’ll follow your advices, even if I’m hosted by a local Couchsurfer I will go to the “tourist” places to meet people 🙂

  4. Hi Josephine,

    I just finished the Everest/3 Passes hike and am thinking about heading up to Pokhara to hike the ABC. I am quite flexible and your dates work for me. Let’s meet in Kathmandu for coffee or a beer when you get in and discuss plans.


  5. Hi Ahimsa!

    I will land the 2nd in Kathmandu, let’s meet up there so! Bravo for the Everest 😉
    Keep in touch


  6. Hi guys,

    We are going to arrive in Kathmandu on April 5th if you’re still around for that beer/coffee we’d be keen.


  7. Hi,

    I think I’m not gonna be in Kathmandu on the 5th … sorry!

  8. Hey Josephine!
    I’ll land in Kathmandu on the 5th of April, would it be possible for you to maybe delay your trekking for a few days?:) I would also like to do the ABC trekking!

  9. Merel!

    Sure I can wait for you in Pokhara! If we start the trek on the 7th it’s still good for me, does it fits with your plans?

  10. I am.planning to do Annapurna round. Flexigbke time. If you want to join & share a good time write me on fanarjun@ or 977-9841961577