Annapurna and Mustang

Hello Everyone,

My plans are fairly flexible but ideally I would want to do the following in early October 2016. I’m looking to do the Annapurna circuit trek while skipping most of the dusty road/construction part up to Dharapani. I would like to do a side trip to Tilicho Lake and to follow the New Annapurna Trekking Trail (NATT) that is a more scenic option.

Id like to be able to shoot up to the upper Mustang valley but that is currently up in the air.

The main thing for me is walking steadily with the option to take a day off here and there. Doing the scenic routes and a few of the side trips and having a great time on this adventure!

Let me know if you are interested 🙂



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  1. Hi Joyce, I am from India, i have been to Nepal couple of times, but never for trekking, i wanted to go to Mustang/Lo Manthang trek, my plan matches yours, Budget is no issue for me. just want to be in the mountains lol, if i can join in let me know. i would prefer slow pace lol. cheers!!

  2. Hi Joyce!
    I’m planning to visit Nepal this fall and am searching for a hiking tour and/of group to go hiking with in the beginning of Oktober. Am considering the Annapurna Circuit Trek, and getting more excited about it every day.

    I might be up for joining you. Could you let me know more about the latest status of your plans?:) Greetings from Holland!

    • I’ll message you directly 🙂

  3. Skipping trek to Dharapani is a bad idea, for you will miss beautiful Tal and other nice places on the right side. It is really annoying between Besi and up to some villages past Ngadi, but still quite isolated and enjoyable. Good for warming up and acclimatizing more gradually.

  4. Hi Joyce, I a.m planning on starting annapurna in early October, I have a nepali friend who wants to do a few days of the trek with me, but can’t do the whole thing, I want to make sure I go through the pass with a buddy, how would you feel about trying to coordinate meeting for part of the trip? Let me know what you think!

    • Hi Colleen, I think that’s great! I’ve been planning with Sashi (above) and we are open to people joining in for part of the trek or the whole trek. I arrive in Kathmandu on Oct. 5th and would spend a few days getting permits and supplies before making our way to Annapurna. Feel free to message me and we can coordinate details. Cheers!

  5. for the ones who will start the trek on october 7th. It will be very difficult to find transportation out of kathmandu as october 7th is friday and october 8th is the start of main days of dashain featival in nepal. People travel by sitting on top of buses to go out of kathmandu valley to reach their villages. One idea would be to make a group of around 12 to 15 people and hire a private micro buses upto besisahar and share the costs. The public transportation will be crowdy these days. Mayb nepali friend of colleen can giv more information about the festival and do keep in mind about traffic jam at exit point of kathmandu. It can take 3 to 4 hrs to cross exit point. Also mind about staffs of hotel and restaurants will be on vacation. Few may be present but not much option…

    • Hi Manish, thank you so much for the advice. Yes, I am aware of Dashain and the potential inconveniences it may cause. I’m landing on Oct 5th so there is no real way around it. Ultimately, its only 1 travel day and I’m sure it’ll be bearable. Travelling as a group on a microbus would be a good option if we could get 10+ ppl all willing to depart on the same day. Thanks!

  6. Hello Joyce (& others).
    Interested in trekking Mustang only (already done Annapurna circuit), have flexibility throughout Oct if a group is coming together. Cheers

    • Hi Np, at the moment I’m coordinating with Sashi (also on this site) for the Annapurna and mustang portion. we have set aside roughly 11-12 days to reach Kagbeni. I take it you would meet us in Kagbeni since that is the last village before the restricted area? We are open to coordinating with more people 🙂 Please send me a message with more of details of your time etc. Thanks!

  7. Hi Joyce and other people interested in the AP trek. Apologies for the lack of replies as I have been on vacation all summer. I am now back and seriously planning my Nepal trip booking flights next week and looking to go first week of October and then onto India in November. I look forward to hearing from you if there is room for one more in your plans.



    • Hi Mia, That sounds great!! me and Joyce will be landong on 5th and starting the trek from 7th or 8th as we need to get the trekking permit we have already booked air tickets she will be reaching in the morning I suppose and I will be landing around 1:00pm.. It’s good idea to come early as from 8th-13th all the government offices are closed. We have already planned the trail, Joyce can share it with you. we still have room, if your plan matches ours it’s good idea to join us lol, we have been planning for couple of days now !! Looking forward to AP trek

  8. Sashi, that sounds amazing! I am looking to get flights booked ASAP. Are you guys looking to hire a guide/porters and willing to split the cost or are you experienced enough to do it yourselves? Is there anything I can help with?



    • We are not experienced lol we will be hiring a guide and about the potter, Joyce want to carry her own . And I am not decided yet (can hire one ). We will be doing upper mustang also after AP Trek, it’s further 10 days !!

  9. Hi Everyone, We (myself, Sashi and Mia) have firmed up some of our plans. I know some people expressed interest in walking part of the trail together. Please let me know if you are still interested.

    Also if there is a group of people that would like to share a hire van from Kathmandu to Pokhara on Oct 7th please let me know as we think this would be a good option to get out of Kathmandu during Dashain.

  10. Hi all,
    I’m very much interested in joining your group! Is there still room for one more person?

    • Hi Anna, How are you!! Yes there is still room :), Please let us know your plan, we will be landing on 5th of october.

  11. Hi everyone,

    I’m doing the Annapurna Circuit in October. I land in Kathmandu on 7th October and I plan to leave for Besisahar on the 9th. Does this go with your itinerary? And is there room for one more? Do let me know.


    • Hi Giriraj, we are landing on 5th and probably start by 7th, 9th will be late as from 8th holidays are starting, landing on 7th is to tight to get the permit I think ..

  12. Sorry Gururaj

  13. Hey no problem. Your departure date was mentioned 9th October. Hence I asked. I have anyway arranged for a permit and a porter-cum-guide in Kathmandu through an agent I know there. But if you guys are leaving on the 7th itself, please carry on. Have a great trek!

  14. Hi! Is there room for one more?
    I’ll arrive in Kathmandú on the September 29th and planning to start more or less Oct 1st.

    • Hey Alexis,

      We have room for more but are planning on arriving in KTM on October 5th and leaving on the 7th. Let us know if your plans match

  15. I think it’s a little too late for me! Thanks anyway.

  16. Hi all, i have found out that permit office is only closed for 11th oct…. so no need to stress out for this part….u all have to look out for the transportation part though… if u want to hire a car which can take u upto besisahar… max possible 4 people….then contact me on my mobile number +9779851038052 (nepal) through viber app. I can also take u people to permit office to make permits…. no photographs needed since u can print fotoes there itself for free…. also for sightseeing in kathmandu if u need car contact me…