Annapurna and Mustang

I’m looking for people to join me trekking/climbing in Nepal. Looking to go to the Annapurna region in April, probably the Sanctuary trek but I am open to all ideas!
Being a stingy student am looking to do this as cheap as possible, so no guides or porters, carrying our own stuff (tent or tarp or bivvy), mixture of own cooking and teahouses etc.
I have more climbing than trekking experience, have done a fair amount of mountaineering in Scotland and one alpine season.
This post is not just for April! I will hopefully be here until December so am looking for anyone who’d like to trek/climb/raft etc. around Nepal!
Look forward to hearing from you!



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  1. Hey Kitty,
    Im arriving in KTH on April 9th and want to leave for a 10-13 day trek on the 10th. Was looking at Manaslu for first priority, and a variant of the ACT as second, however I am open for suggestions. I’m a rock climber but have not done a lot of alpine. Used to trekking and spent some time in Himalaya before.

    Would be fun to meet up with some fellow trekkers and share the experience. What dates are you thinking of for the hike?

    Im pretty much tied up to those dates unfortunately, let me know if they match.


    • Hey Vlad,
      Yes, have just changed plans and was looking at Manaslu instead, so that would be perfect! Let me know of your plans, I will not have internet in a few days so will send you my phone number to contact me! Just let me know what your thoughts are on my shoestring budget!

  2. Hi Kitty,

    Glad to hear that. Manaslu trek seems like a really nice trek that is both challenging and with amazing views. The “issue” with Manaslu is that you have to go with a local guide, which brings the cost of the trip up slightly. I am in contact with some companies and can send you over a price estimate from them in PM. I am also looking to do a low-cost trip and dont have any requirements on accommodation standers, but think that this is a teahouse trek so most night will be spent in guesthouse and not tent. Are the dates April 10-April22 working for you? I understand from some of the agencies that it would require about 5-7 hours of trekking per day for the Manaslu trek within a 2week period.


  3. Hey Vlad,
    Yes that works for me, meeting in Kathmandu? Didn’t realise about the guide, am happy to get the cheapest one if that works for you? What is your facebook and I will contact with my phone number!

  4. Hi Kitty,

    I dont really use facebook.I have a quotation from a company for a 14day trip, 11 days hiking. I can forward you the info.


  5. Hi, in case you’re still doing abc I would be be happy to join you!