Annapurna and Mustang

Dear all,
My name is Elize (23) and I am a solo traveller from Holland. I am currently in Pokhara and I would like to start the Annapurna and/or Mustang trek, somewhere this week. If anyone would like to join me, I would be happy, please leave a message 🙂
Best wishes, Elize



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  1. Hey Elize. I just got to Pokhara today and I’m Interested in doing the Anapurna trekk starting this Friday or Saturday. I heard it is quite easy to do without a guide. I’m 30yo solo traveler from Australia. If your are interested, message me back to arrange a meet up.

    • Hello Misha! Thank you for your message! I might go next week… because now I decided to do a yoga retreat until the 23th of May. Have a nice trek!! Elize