Annapurna and Mustang

I will be heading to do the annapurna circuit aroubd the 18th of july. Im pretty flexible on dates and also may be considering trekking to annapurna base camp if the conditions on the circuit are really bad.
Im volunteering in kathmandu at the moment and will be travelling to pokhara before the trek for a bit of down time (maybe some light refreshments in the bar).
Im pretty adventurous and would say im pretty well prepared for the trek although I have never been in the himalyas which is why Im looking for a partner to trek with.
If you are interested in trekking with me get in touch ill get back to you when possible.
Also if anyone is interested, I was thinking about cycling or hiking back to kathmandu. Just a thought though.



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  1. Hey Martyn! Would you be open to starting the trek around the 14th? I’ll be flying to Kathmandu on the 12th, and we could start from Pokhara on the 14th. Let me know!

  2. Hey man actually my plans changed, I’ll be doing the Circuit around the 21st…. are you interested?


    • Ho Chris
      Yeh im going to be in pokhara around then, im pretty flexible o dates so if you are still up for it get I touch

  3. Hey Martyn,

    Sorry for the late response, I’ve had a hard time getting on here. I’m in China and the firewall is pretty strict recently. Do you have a what’s app? You can message me on there: +8613875962086.

    My plans changed a bit… I won’t start the trek until around July 28th or 29th, if you’re flexible enough to wait let me know.


    • Sorry man my plans keep changing, but this time is set in stone, the 28th or 29th. If you think that’s not too late to start for you let me know.

    • Hey Chris.
      Lol yeh my plans have changed too. Im still in kathandu and I will probably noy start trekking for another week or so.
      Keep in touch man, if it happens that we are setting off at the same time it would be fun to buddy up.

  4. Hey Chris and Martyn, I’m also volunteering in Kathmandu and finish my project on the 28th of July, looking to do the Annapurna Circuit straight after! How many days are you guys planning to spend on the circuit? I have a flight home booked August 11th so I only have 13 days to play with but would love to find a group to go with. Let me know your thoughts and plans,

    • Matilda,

      Nice to hear from you! I’ll be leaving around the same time. Martyn may be coming as well. I think August 11th will be fine, but it may be cutting it close. The trek will take around 13 days with buses. Hit me up on what’s app if you have it! +8613875962086

    • Hey matilda
      I to play it safe I was expecting to spend around 2 weeks doing the circuit. Although once we have started I reckon that it will be possible in less.
      I agree that it will be tight though if you have to fly, from what ive heard its not uncommon to spend a night on the road between kathmandu and pokhara.

  5. Hey guys, I might be around from 27th of July and if that happens I’m looking for some companions for Annapurna/Nar and Phu lakes. At least to share the ride… Let me know if your trek is happening and I’ll let u know if I am actually in Nepal:)) Thanks!

    • Hi micheal.
      Yeh I think its looking like we will be on our way by the 29th. If you around and wana team up you are welcom to join in.

    • That’s great. Guys, any ideas about the weather up there? European sites are showing rain for next two weeks almost everywhere on the circuit but I’m not sure they take into account the himalay rain shadow. Fast reply will be appreaciated, sicne I need to fly really soon or stay home:) Thanks!

  6. Hi yeh I find that weater reports show nothing but heavy rain constantly but the reality on the ground is fair or sunny weather. It rains at night without fail but during the day is fine, even quite hot some days.
    So yeh european weather reports dont seem to able to predict monsoon weather very reliably.

  7. Looking to start the trek on the 29th aswell, bit last minute but would it be cool if I joined? Whatsapp is +447534342854