Hi Guys,

I’m Iain from the UK, I’m a chilled and easy going guy and I need a posse of people for the Annapurna Circuit !

We’ll be starting at Nadi Bazzar and finishing at Jomsom with a side visit of 2 days (1 there and 1 back) to the Tilcho Tal lake (Annapurna’s highest lake!). Ive been told it is very beautiful. I’ve never done an Annapurna trek before but judging from other peoples experiences I think we can do this in around 14 days. We’ll be walking at an average pace – not being mental ! If it takes a day or 2 longer due to rest days / altitude sickness / injuries etc then that’s cool, my main mission for the trip is that everyone is happy 🙂

The reason why I am starting at Nadi Bazzar and not the usual place of Besi Sahar is that I have heard the trek from Besi Sahar to Nadi Bazzar is not that inspiring. The scenery gets more interesting from Nadi Bazzar
(It also has a better name !)

Bus from Pokhara to Besi Sahar at 6:30 am (please check this time, I still need to confirm it!) takes around 4 hours and costs 500 Rupees. Jeep to Nadi Bazzar 2-3 hours and between 300-500 Rupees. Depending on when everyone arrives we could do a half day trek on the 23 April or just chill in a lodge.

For the Tilicho Tal Trek I’ve heard its advisable to have a guide for this part of the walk. A guide price is generally 20 USD a day plus food and accomodation on top. Split that between everyone and its cheap !

I don’t have a massive budget. I imagine our accomodation will be guesthouse / teahouse / homestay whatever is convenient at the end of the days hike and what people are most happy with. I have heard that accomodation is quite cheap but the food is expensive, also some lodges charge for blankets so if you have your own sleeping bag bring it ! I’ve been told to budget between 15.000 to 20,000 Rupees a day.

I have a decent map of the Annapurna Circuit and a lonely planet guide with the stages of the trip but if anyone has GPS / Working internet on phone/ Compass / Altitude meter, so much the better.

I don’t have a great deal of internet access, but will check into as often as I can. If you would like info sooner give me a call on: 98 231 455 79

Thanks very much – looking forward to this adventure and meeting great people 🙂




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  1. Hope you don’t plan on paying 20,000 NPR per day!!