I’m Meredith, currently traveling until I run out of dinero. The Annapurna Circuit has been at the top of my list and I plan to trek the whole circuit in about 3 weeks starting around April 1. Date is flexible!
I hike at a moderate pace (maybe slow to manage altitude) and might stop to take in the view or practice a few sun salutations! I like to play 20 questions and any other game to entertain!

I’m planning to stay in tea houses and will not carry any camping gear. Please let me know if you’re interested in being trekking partners!



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  1. Hey Meredith,
    Here’s my blerb – let me know if you want to chat! x

    I’m an English girl currently living in India for winter but will leave here when it gets too hot (!!), arriving to Kathmandu on April 5th. I’ll take a flight the next day if I can straight to Pokhara.

    I’m hoping to start the Anna Purna Circuit a few days after I arrive in Pokhara (time to get the permits etc)… setting off around 9th or 10th April. I will do this independently (no guide, no porter). I’ve trekked Anna Purna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp (+Gokyo Ri) independently in the past so I’d say I’m a fairly experienced trekker. I did Everest Base Camp with a bunch of people I met on this site and we had the most amazing time together…!

    I have no idea how long the trek should take and I’m not in a rush to finish it (I just naturally walk quite fast), and I’d even be happy to spend the odd day here and there just chilling out at a particularly beautiful location if that happened.

    Hope to hear from you if you’d like to be trekking partners! I’m easygoing, open-minded and love the great outdoors.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions – my plans are flexible too!

    • Hi! Sorry for the belated reply. My plans have changed a bit and now I plan to start earlier around March 17-20. Sorry for the change. Good luck!

    • Hi Meredith,

      I am looking to walk the Annapurna circuit in early April. I went to Nepal about 15 years ago and did EBC, back down the valley and up to Gokyo. Then across to Annapurna for a week. I’d love a great traveling partner.
      Am semi flexible with dates, lots of trekking experience, walk at a moderate pace, but like stopping to smell the flowers!!
      Please let me know if this sound like your thing.


  2. Hello Meredith.

    I am from Bangladesh. I am planning to do Annapurna Circuit Trek this April. Preferred schedule is from April 2 – April 17, max 16 days as i have leave limitations. This would be my second trip to Nepal. Last year i did ABC with friends but unfortunately they are unable to join this time.So I am looking for partners. I am easy going, I walk at a slow/moderate pace and would prefer low budget independent trip. I am friendly and would love to have team mates to share the wonderful experiences on the trail. If you are interested then we can further discuss about the trip plan.


    • Hi! Sorry for the belated reply. My plans have changed and I’m not trekking earlier. Good luck and enjoy!