I am currently in pokhara and spending the next couple of days researching and getting my route finalized for the Annapurna. I am hoping to take off the 11th or 12th and would rather travel with someone, as this is my first time in Nepal. My dates are very flexible, I don’t leave until mid may. I’m from the states, very easy going, and stoked the do some Himalayan treking!



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  1. namaste Krista,
    my name is licia and i am 23, from china. i have been in nepal for two months but mostly in kathmandu doing projects and learning to paint. I decided to do some trekking before the rainning season. I will arrive pohkarra on twelve or thirteen, leave for trekking on fourteenth probably.
    I am solo female traveller and I want to go without guide and my traveling time is flexible, no. if you are still in pohkarra that time, maybe we can meet up?

    • I was going to say “no need to hurry” just in case you are confused by the sentence.

  2. Hello Krista,
    my name is Moritz I’m from Germany and 19.
    At the moment I stay in Pokhara searching for someone to go trekking with. I need tomorrow to organize some stuff but after that I’m flexible with the date!
    I’m travelling alone and have been to Nepal since on week so far.
    If you want to we can just meet tomorrow and organize the rest together.