I’m arriving in Kathmandu on March 10th and I’m looking for some trekking buddies. but I’m pretty open to any itinerary. I’m fairly athletic but am mostly looking to enjoy the scenery and I’m not trying to race to the top- plus I’m deathly afraid of getting sick. I wasn’t planning on hiring a guide/porter but could probably be talked into either. I can’t follow a map to save my life but I’m gifted at finding chocolate in the most remote places.



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  1. Hey, this is my new account so you can just message me here if its too soon to be “internet friends” haha. – Kyle

    • I had to change my plans and start a lot sooner

  2. Hello Rebekah,
    I will arrive KTM on March 18……Probably will spend 2-3 days in KTM before heading to Jiri by bus.
    Maybe we can hike together if you also plan to hike from Jiri.
    Look forward to hearing from you

  3. So, it seems like the 3 of us are all on the same page as far as dates, speed and starting point. Would be great if we could make this work. Don’t mean to seem aggressive but really don’t want to have to join a tour. Hahaha Maybe we could all chat sometime and try to figure something out. Could be great.

  4. Hi Rebekah – i fly into ktm 21st march and was also looking to hike in from jiri but don’t want to do it alone.. Am average fitness and got time to not rush it.. Did kilimanjaro few years ago and you can’t rush much at that altitude..Have literally just signed onto this site so not got hang of it but hope to hear off some of you.

    • unfortunately I had to change plans so I’ll need to start a lot sooner

  5. Hello Rebekah,
    I’ll reach Kathmandu also on the 10th at 4pm, and I will stay for 2 days then I’ll go to Pokhara to start the Annapurna circuit without porters/guide but also I could think about it when I’m there. I think I can join you and we’ll find more people there will join us.

    Have a good day