Dear all,

Tonight I will fly to Kathmandu (arriving 16th). I would love to do (independent) trekking in the Annapurna region with a small group and meet in Kathmandu to discuss the possibilities. I fly back home 10th of October. Annapurna circuit trekking has my preference (including possible side trips), but I am also open to other trips in the region (for example the community trails around khorpa ride/poon hill, including side trips to ‘secret lake’). I have experience with trekking on high altitude, but also with altitude sickness, so I prefer traveling slow and enjoying nature, culture and good conversations.
Anybody interested to meet sunday (17) or monday (18)- and see if your wishes and possibilities match?

(by the way.. I am 30 years dutch female, architect, and art/philosophy-teacher, with a love for nature and yoga).




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  1. Hi Renske!
    I would like to do the AC as well …
    I’m arriving at kathmandu at the 18th (early morning). do we want to meet during the day to see whether it would work out to hike together?

    [i’m from germany, 28y, pediatrician, love being outside in nature and sooo looking forward to wandering around the himalayas]

  2. Hi Renske,
    I arrived in Kathmandu today. I have similar plans to start the AC in the next few days. We could meet today 17th, or 18th, to discuss if you like?

  3. Hi guys I just returned from ABC. If you travel with me, you will travel the cheapest and best, just email me !!

  4. Hi, another Adam here, I just settled in a “Zen bed and breakfast” hostel – my plan is to get permits tomorrow and head out to AC on Tuesday starting from Chamje preferably. Would love some company 🙂

    I’m from Poland, 31, did some trekking but not on so high altitudes. I am in for side trips and taking it slow but have to be back in Kathmandu on 06.10