I’m looking to join with another trekker or group to do the entire or portion of the Annapurna circuit. I say portion b/c the monsoon and new roads can make the first and last sections of the trek unpleasant – that said, I’d gladly walk the entire route (20 or do says) if that’s what a group or partner wanted to do! I’m an American in my early 40’s, easy going, good sense of humor. I have no interest in power walking the route. Ideally I’d start the day with a group, go at my own pace and meet up at lunch and or end of day. It would be important for our guide to understand this and consequently not hold the group up to wait on me (I’d likely hire a porter to come along at my own personal expense). I’ve walked the Annapurna route a few times before, so I know what to expect. I’m in KTM now (Aug 1) and looking to start a trek this week.



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