Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi 😀 I’m an Australian guy currently in India but fly into Kathmandu on sunday 17th March. I’m keen to join others or create a group. I’d like to do a few trips/treks/hikes so I’m keen to work in with uoubif you’re on a time frame and have a trek organised or I’d be happy to discuss a trip over a coffee/beers and see if we get along and go from there.. last year I tramped/trekked 1750kms across New Zealand and love being outdoors and just keen to explore the Himalayas as it’s been a dream for longer than I remember. My dates are very flexible as I have 100 day visa.
Budget is open.
I’m also open to getting a guide and sharing the cost. I’m open to starting a group or joining one. I get along with most people 😉as long as you don’t want to argue or challenge every idea or place to eat etc etc then we would get along..



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