anna purna circuit plus tilicho lake

Hi . my name is Danny.
I will be in nepal in 25th august and gonna give out the clothes i brought for earthquake victims .
I have gathered quite alot from many people in singapore .
After that perhaps around 28th or 29th august ill be proceeding to Anna purna circuit plus tilicho lake.
The number of days for me is flexible . ive put a max of 20 days there .
I have a guide already and was hoping to find anymore travellers interested in following so as to willing to share any amount of money for the guide as it will lessen my load on spending too much on the trip.

Anyone is very welcome and hope you would know your own budget . I would set it at $500 singapore dollars as a single traveller budget(it is my budget) and the recommended one .
I am spending another $500 for the guide just for accomodation and food . He is a local there and he is willing to follow the trip .
If anyone is interested at all do let me know .
-Danny Piercer



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