Anna purna circuit

Hi guys, I am a 27 years old Dutch guy in for some adventure. Would like to do the AC in under 20 days side trips included. Prefer to do it without a guide and hoping for some sporty / experienced partners to join me.

I will arrive the 5th at Kathmandu and planning on leaving 8th or 9th so that we may have some time to prepare and have a stroll around Kathmandu.

Groupssize between 3-6 people I would suggest.

In short:
– starting: 7-9 of October
– duration; 15-20 days max
– group size: 3-6
– people: little flexible, sporty and down to earth people

Everything is open for discussion of course as we are going together. Give me a reply or add me on facebook: Chris Sulkers.
(Hope the profile pic won’t scare you away)



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