Anna Purna Circuit

Hi! I am planning on doing the anna purna circuit starting sept 17 or 18. I would want to do it in 12 days. Just looking for some company so i won’t be hiking alone 🙂



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  1. I am interested upto Anna Punna base camp. I am from Kolkata, India.

  2. Hi caitlyn.
    Your timing sounds pretty good. Im looking to head off on the AC around the same time. I will be arriving in Nepal early september and signed up to do a meditation course in kathmandu and that completes on the 14th.
    All the best

  3. Hey Caitlyn!

    I’m planning on hiking the AC as well, and was hoping to do between 14-18 days starting from Besihasar and doing the whole circuit. I arrive in Kathmandu in September 13 and am kind of flexible with exact start day depending on the weather. Am also hiking independently, but would love hiking buddies 🙂


  4. Hi Caitlyn

    I arrive Kathmandu 12th Sept. And hoping to trek from 15th onwards. Would be great to trek some of way together.

    Caroline 35 from London

    • Hi Caroline!

      I arrive to Kathmandu on September 13 and planning to start trek from Besihasar on September 16. When are you planning to get into Besihasar?

  5. Hi Everyone,

    I am from Kathmandu. I am interested going with you guys.


  6. Hi Stephanie

    That sounds great. As will want couple days to relax after landing. Will also visit Pokhara and the buddha monument. There’s a guy who’s offered to collect everyone in his van who’s based in Nepal maybe.
    Look forward to catching up soon. Where you flying in from out of interest? 🙂

  7. Hi. I’m planning on doing the Annapurna circuit and would love to find some people to trek with. I’m in pokhara at the moment. I’d like to be fairly relaxed and spend enough time acclimatising as I’ve not done any treks this high before. I’m free to leave at any time and free until about 7th October. Are you planning on walking from besihasar? And where are you planning to finish? Jen (28 from the UK)

    • Hi Jen

      It would be great to have travel partner. When are you planning to start your trek? Im in crazy ktmandu atm. Im going to Besi Sahar tomorrow on the morning bus and thinking beginning on the saturday.


  8. Hi Stephanie

    Let me know if around in Katmandu and you fancy coffee today?
    Best wishes

  9. Hi Caroline! Still looking for more company?

    I am thinking about starting the AC on september.


  10. Hi Caitlyn,

    I just returned from ABC, and I am also a guide , so if you want to travel the cheapest possible way, you can contact me via email.