Annapurna Circuit


I will be heading into Nepal around May 15th and looking to trek the Annapurna Circuit around May 17th. It will be my first time trekking Nepal and I would love to do it with someone who has experience with trekking. I have done a few smaller treks in Myanmar and Vietnam these past few weeks, but this will be my longest one to date. I cannot wait!

If anyone is interested in coming with me, please get in touch! My dates can be flexible given the right persuasion haha.




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  1. Hey Natasha
    I am also looking for someone to do the Annapurna circuit with. But i arrive in Delhi on the 18th, then will make my way to Kathmandu and will be able to start the trek on the 20th or 21st?
    I do alot to trekking, mountaineering and climbing back home in NZ, so i can’t wait for this amazing trek!
    Hopefully you’re flexible with the dates?
    Thanks Kyle

    • Hi Kyle! My dates are flexible. Did you want to add me on Facebook and we can chat further about some details? There is a chance I might be doing the trek earlier though, but I am still trying to figure it all out. I’d love to keep you in the loop with everything though.

    • hey Natasha, I am currently at Pokhara, and I also circuit trek on 17th. I am not willing to take a guide. A trekking mate would be lovely.

  2. Hey Natasha! I guess we both are up for ABC trek. I am quite flexible with dates as long as they fall in the month of May. I have done some research regarding the trek. Let us discuss about it.

    FB- phaicelnaxiir (Faisal Nazir)

    hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  3. Hi Nathasha-

    We (my partner and I) will be traveling during the same time. We arrive in Kathmandu on May 16th. And plan to begin the Annapurna Circuit Trek on May 17th. It’s our first time too but we are meeting a guide and porter in Besisahar. Right now, we are trying to find the quickest and most pleasant transportation mode to Besisahar which will likely be a shared car w/driver. Other than that, we are pretty much ready and excited to start our trek. Always happy to travel with more people!

    Alex 🙂

  4. Hi there,

    Have you settled on a plan yet? I’m heading to Nepal and want to trek out of Pokhara around that time but I’m on my own and so would be nice to have some company.

    I’ve walked a little in Myanmar and Vietnam too so we’ve some common-ground there.


    • Hi Alex,

      That sounds great! I am planning on doing my trek independently without a guide. If your plans change and you would like to come along with us, you are more than welcomed to! Otherwise, I’ll see you on the trail :).

    • Hi Joseph,

      My plan is to arrive in Nepal on the 14th and start my trek from Pokhara on the 17th. If you can make it for this date, you should definitey come along. I am doing it without a guide, but slightly intimidated and would love the company. Let me know if that works and we can coordinate from there.

  5. Hi Natasha,

    I am arriving in Nepal on 14th and planning to start this trek from 16-17th May ! I am by myself and would definitely love some company.

    I have prepared a rough outline of the trek:
    1. Catch a bus from Kath to Besisahar. From Besisahar, get a jeep to Chame to beat dust and heat on this part of Trek.
    2. Spend the night in Chame. And then wake up in the morning and take the trail to Upper Pisang. Absolutely stunning views!
    3. Climb back down to Manang. Stay in Manang for a night or two for acclimatization.
    4. Thorung Pass
    5. Hike down to Multinath and rest up.
    6. Hike to kagbeni
    7. After kagbeni, hike to Jomsom
    8. Take a bus from Jonsom to Pokhara. Everything AFTER the pass is windy and dusty. Not as enjoyable as the things you see before the pass.

    Let me know if it works for you ! I’ve sent my contact details on private message.

    • Hey Dikshant, just read about your trekking plan- sounds sweet! How many days do you reckon it will take you? When do u leave from where?
      All the best, Fabio and Cynthia

  6. Hi Natasha,

    I just got into Kathmandu yesterday and I too am looking for a trekking partner.

    Dates are not an issue for me as I have a 90 day visa so if you are interested in having another trekking buddy I would be delighted as I am travelling solo for the next 5-6 months.

    Give me a private message if you like.


  7. Hello Natasha!,

    I’m flying heading to Nepal on the 15th too, and looking for others doing the same route the same dates! I’m flexible with the routes and times, and even contemplating ABC towards the end of the circuit depending the weather and the state of my legs at the end XD

  8. Hey Natasha.

    I’m Nibir,from Bangladesh. I am also planning to atart the circuit trek on 17th of May. I am flexible on my dates. Not willing to take any guide. I have been to Annapurna Base Camp before.This time want to go for the circuit trek. It would be lovely to find a trekking mate. let me know your thought.


    • Hi Nibir,

      Sorry for my late reply. I haven’t been feeling so good the last couple days and my password was giving me trouble. Would you still like to join our trek? Please add me on Facebook. We can start a group chat. FB: Natasha Lynn

      The picture is of me on a temple overlooking Myanmar.

      My instagram is misstashalynn_ if you have trouble finding me. You can connect through messenger there.

  9. Hi all, I’m leaving tomorrow from Pokhara on the 16th, and I did the circuit just a few months back. I’m doing it again. If any one of you want to join me, please let me know asap.


    • Hey Yudhir, I’m in Pokhara right now. and I was planning to leave on 17th.

      I haven’t got my tin yet.but id like to meet you anyway for a general idea.I have been to the base camp before,but never hiked alone.if you have time,then id like to meet to get some tips.
      I don’t have a sim yet,so jjust llet mme kkniw wwhere tto ccome aand when if you want to.


    • Hi Nibir, Im in lakeside, Pokhara. If you are in Lakeside, then we can meet here. My number is 981-513-6869. I can meet you somewhere here.

    • hey Yudhir, right now I’m also at lakeside, at a small cafe: New Fewa.. you can meet me here now, ill be here for an hour.

      ill get a sim later today hopefully.


    • Okay sure, I’ll be there. Give me like 20 mins

    • Hey Nibir, I was at the cafe, but you were not there. Maybe you were already gone.

    • Hi Yudir,

      If you are open to waiting until the 17th, you can join our group?


  10. Hey guys,

    Me and my girlfriend (22 and 25, well-travelled Germans) are planning on doing the circuit too, starting 16th or 17th here in Kathmandu. Have you come to an agreement as for how to organise it all? How bout we meet up tonight , Monday 15th May, for a drink in the evening? Say at Sams Bar at 6?
    Lets make it happen!
    Best, Fabio

    • hey Fabio,

      I’m Nibir from Bangladesh. I have been to Annapurna Base Camp,and this time planning to do the circuit trek. My general.plan is to go to bashisahar and start the trek from there.I have time, but wouldn’t mind to rush it a bit if needed.

      I would love to have some trekking mate as well.Let me know if you are interested.

      I cant meet you guys as I’m at Pokhara now.If we can pre pplan details,we may meet at the starting point: Bashisahar.. ll get a sim today.Also getting the permit and Tin today. planning to start on 17th.

      Let me know your thoughts.


    • Hi Fabio,

      You are welcome to join our group! If anyone is interested, please add me to Facebook and we can start a group. I find this chat site very complicated to coordinate.

      FB: Natasha Lynn
      My profile picture is of me a temple overlooking Myanmar. I am from Canada if it’s easier to search me through country. As well my instagram is misstashalynn_