Annapurna Circuit Trek


My brother and I are heading to Nepal on May 7th, we’re planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit and potentially base camp as well. We would love some company for the trek!

We plan on doing it without a guide and probably completing it in around 15 days. But we haven’t really figured out much of the specifics yet.

Let me know if you’d be interested in joining us, we are pretty flexible about route and dates (although we can’t really start it later than the 11th of May).





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  1. Hiii

    I am too planning the same .but my dates are not fixed since i will travel overland to Nepal .i an a regular visitor to Nepal and quite familiar with it

    I have trekked Dolpa circuit last year and it would be great to have your conpany for the trek


    • Yeah, that would be great! I’ll let you know which day exactly we’ll be heading out from Pokhara and if you’re around you can join us!

  2. Heyy! I am planning to trek Annapurna base camp around the same time. I will also be travelling to Nepal for the first time, however I have done some research about the route, expenses etc.
    Let me know if we can trek together. I will be waiting for your response (+917983198416 for whatsapp, incase I am not available on this website). Thanks & see you soon 🙂

    • Hey! Yeah for sure we can trek together! We think our plan is to do the circuit first then head up to base camp afterwards. We get into Kathmandu May 7th

  3. Ella! Thanks for recommending to me to this site. I moved some dates around and going to go into Nepal earlier. Are you and your brother flexible with your dates?

    Talk soon :). Add me on FB – Natasha Lynn

    • Hey! That’s awesome! Yeah I mean we’re pretty flexible, what day are you getting to Nepal?

      I tried to add you but you didn’t come up in my search, add me on FB instead: Ella Provan

    • I will be in nepal from 9th may to 25th may and I am looking forward to complete Annapurna base camp trek.

      Aman mishra

  4. Hi Ella! i would love to join you guys, as i am solo travelling from south india. pls let me know the starting date. thank you.

    • Hey! We plan on leaving Pohkara to start the trek on May 10th

  5. heyy Ella, Natasha & Mohd. Hope you all are well. I think we are a group now. Not many days are left for the trek. It is time we make a group to communicate to each other (maybe facebook or whatsapp). Let us talk about dates and all.
    See ya
    FB- phaicelnaxiir
    Whatsapp- +917983198416

  6. I will be in nepal from 9th may to 25th may. Let me know your plans.

    • Hey! We plan on leaving from Pokhara on May 10th to start the trek

  7. Hi Ella! I would love to join your plans! I have off from work from May 10th and want to do 14 days of trekking, any way you’re flexible to start a day later? I’ve been living in Nepal for almost two years and speak some Nepali so I think it’ll help along the trip! Let me know if you want to talk 🙂

  8. Hi Ella and group! If it’s not too late, would be great to meet up with you as I plan to begin the trek May 9th as well. I’m from the US and am traveling solo – I leave Kathmandu Monday morning (May 8) and am going to Pokhara that night. I can be reached on facebook or whatsapp as well!

    whatsapp: +1 (949) 433-4721