Ho guys!
My name is Arianna, I come from Italy. This is my first time in Nepak and in Asia too, I travel alone, I arrived in ktm on September 28th and stay I think two months.
Now I stay with Nepali friend’sfamily on country side but in this weekend ( 1, 2, 3 octuber and other days not consecuence)I will go to ktm for information about trekking and meet people.
I don’t speak English very well but I understand when the people talk..
I traveled a lot in south and centre of America, so speak Spanish better than English ..Uhi uhi!
I think to go on Annapurna, it is my first long trekking..I waiting a partners trekking! I would to go not fast, for see and smell all things possibles! Ciaoooooooooo😄



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  1. Hi Arianna,

    I am looking for a partner for trekking from October 15th until the 26th. I have done the Annapurna Base camp and would be open for doing part of the circuit. I am in Thamel now if you want to meet and talk about maybe teaming up! Send me a message if you think we can work something out with these dates!

    • Hi! If you want we can meet in the next day for share somethings and i stay in hotel yala peak,in thamel and after i moove to hostel near…i have a phone number, do you have too? Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Arianna,

    My husband and I landed yesterday and would like to do the Annupurna Circuit, we are keen to leave in the next few of days. Let me know if you would like to team up.


  3. Hi Arianna,

    I’m in Thamel right now but will start my trek to the Annapurna tomorrow. I’m also alone so it would be nice to have some company or discuss some plans.
    Let me know if you’re interested!


    • Hi Monica! I stay in pohkara, i will start the trekking in monday 17th…let me know if you will go in pokara in theese days! Enjoy Nepal!

  4. Hi (:
    I also want to start on the 17, but also with tilicho lake. What do yoy think?

    • Hi!!! I m now stay in bulbule and tomorrow morning start the trekking..maybe we can find on the way in some stops!