Anapurna Circuit


I’ll arive in KTM on the 21st of March and would be open to depart for the Anapurna Circuit 1-3 days afterwards. I’d be planning for a 14 day trip. I’m not planning to rush through the treck and am planning to stay in teahouses. I quite enjoy photography so taking plenty of photobreaks won’t be a problem. As I have to be back in KTM on the 10th of april my plans are not that flexible. I’d want to do the trip without a porter or a guide, but I’d be open to suggestions.

A bit about me.
I’m 24, from Germany. At the moment I’m studying engineering and my hobbies includee cycling, hiking and photography. I got a bit of experience trekking in the Black Forrest and the Alps.

Looking for someone to team up with full or part way.

Cheers Steffen



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  1. Hi Steffen,

    I’ll arrive in KTM on the 20th of March and flying back the 10th of April as well.
    My idea is pretty much the same as yours. Thinking of covering the entire Annapurna Circuit trek if possible.

    • Hey,
      sounds good. I’ll be coming in a day after you. But let’s meet up in KAT on the 21st or 22nd. Then we can get our permits and get our gear sorted. And start for the trek on the 23rd/24th.

  2. Hey Steffen,

    I’m Basti from Essen, Germany. I arrive in KTM on 22th and have to be back on 10th of April, just like you. So no need to rush through for me as well.
    It’s my first time in Nepal so I would be relieved to have some guys to team up with.

    By the way, I’m 37 but finished my studies recently.. a bit late I know (-;
    I got some trekking experience in NewZealand and some altitude experience from Bolivia..



  3. Hi Steffen:)

    I’ll be in KTM on 20th and wish to do the circuit around your time as well. On a budget trip so a teahouse trek would be perfect!

    Btw, I’m 22, from Hong Kong, just graduate from college. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Bon Voyage