Anapurna Circuit

Hi all!

My name’s Pavel, and I arrived in KTM a few days ago with the intent of attempting the Three Passes Trek in the Everest region with a partner. Unfortunately the forecast was looking very grim and our flights were pushed back indefinitely, so I decided last minute to cancel on that plan and head for sunny Anapurna instead (though he valiantly pushed on in the rain).

I was planning on taking the local bus to Bhulbhule to start the trek tomorrow morning, unless anyone is interested in splitting the cost of a private shuttle. If so, please contact me right away! Either reply here or shoot me an email for the sake of time ( or both.

I’m interested in avoiding roads as much as possible, so I’ll be doing further research on NATT paths and side trips. My plans are very flexible since I had to bail on a different trek last minute. I’m open to anything, including side trips or modified routes.

A little bit about myself: I was born in Bulgaria and raised in the US. I did my MS in Physics and my undergrad in Philosophy in Philadelphia, then worked in California for several years, during which time I climbed and hiked throughout the state every other weekend. Now I’m traveling, most recently studying Mandarin in China & hiking around the Tibetan plateau!

If you’d be interested in joining forces hit me up before tomorrow.




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  1. Also, my WhatsApp is +1-215-882-2643 !