Anapurna Circuit

I’m seriously considering Anapurna circuit from about Dec 5 to about Dec 26 or so, and looking for partners. Not interested in paying for an organized group with guide and porters, from what I read it seems easily done independently. However, pushing into winter, having one or more others to hike with is a good safety factor, and would enjoy the company.

If anyone has similar plans and dates, please send me a note.



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  1. Hey man I’m very interested. The dates are a little out of my range though. Optimally Id like to get there the 14th, but I may be able to meet you a bit earlier. Whens the latest you could take off.

  2. Will be trekking/climbing in solu khumbu region and then doing Annapurna circuit and the dates look like they can work for me. Spent 3 months in Nepal 2 yrs ago and had a blast

  3. Hey Guys

    My plan would be to arrive Kathmandu Dec 6 evening, spend 2 days getting a permit and sightseeing. Leave Kathmandu on morning of Dec 9 for the AC trek. I’d like to start at Besisahar and try to avoid the roads (have to get more info about the NATT options). Trek to Jomsom with some side trips maybe. Arrive in Jomsom around Dec 20 to 25 and then hopefully find a place to rent a mountain bike and bike down to Pokhara.

    Would definitely be interested in joining with you guys for some or all of the trek, if these dates work.


  4. Hey Andrew your dates will def work with mine, let’s keep in touch

    • Yes, lets definitely stay in touch – sent you a message from this forum with some more details

  5. Good morning Jay, if you are still interested in the Kopra Danda trek in November then my friend Naryan says the cost would be approx. $1250. Have used this company four times before and have no complaints. Cheers Andy Scott.

  6. Hi Andy, I’m looking at a whole lot of options for different treks and am not ready to commit at this time

  7. Cheers Jay. No problem. Good luck in your planning.

  8. Hi Andrew,

    I’m trying to plan a Manaslu Circuit trek for December, but am open to switching my plan to do Annapurna. Let me know if you still are looking for trekking partners.



    • Hi Melissa, what date are you getting into Nepal?

    • Hi Melissa

      Yes, still looking for partners for sure. I’ve got my flight booked from Vancouver to arrive in Kathmandu late Dec 5 evening, and then leaving from Kathmandu Dec 30 evening. That part is pretty much set in stone, but a trekking itinerary is still very much flexible. If it looks like the dates that you’re thinking about match up with mine, let’s definitely get in touch and see about whether we can get something a little more concrete. I’m not 100% set on Annapurna Circuit if not travelling solo, it’s just the trek I’ve read most about, and figured is most realistic if doing it solo in December


  9. Hi andrew, i will be arriving in kathmandu on dec6, plan on a day for permit, meds, shopping and sightseeing. Leave kathmandu on the morning of dec 8, start trekking from besisahar (i start early so that i could have more rest days on the trek if needed) If everything goes well, would also do the base camp trek at the end of the circuit. I am from warm climate country, so, will see how it goes. Doing it without guides and porters. First time in nepal. Would like to share your thoughts on itinerary, equipment, et cetera… if u dont mind. Tq

    • Hi Ash
      Please see my message at the bottom of this thread

  10. Hey Andrew,
    I will be arriving in Kathmandu early december and am planning to fly out on the 29th or so. It seems like your dates match with mine, so if you’re still up for partners I’d be happy to hear from you!

    • Hi Ragnhild
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  11. hey Andrew,
    Im also planning on flying into KTM on the 1st december, and beginning volunteering in pokhara in early january, so will be looking to be trekking annapurna circuit around the same dates as you!
    Let me know if youre still looking for partners

    • Hi Chris
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  12. Hi Andrew,
    This group seems to be growing!
    I’m flying into Kathmandu on 30th Nov, few days taking in the sights.
    Interested in the AC as also thinking it’s a safe option if i end up doing alone.
    Like the idea of mountain biking down to Pokhara!
    Same all, let me know if your keen for +1

    • Hi Dominic
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  13. Hi All

    Since starting this thread my flights have changed three times (because of the fuel crisis problems), and so now I arrive in Kathmandu Dec 3 and have to leave on Dec 26. I’ve also changed plans a little and hope to do the Manaslu Trek as my first choice (dependant upon hiring a guide in Kathmandu), and leaving Annapurna Circuit as the second choice.

    However, it looks like there is an opportunity to form a group with the folks who have posted here recently as dates seem to be similar. Hopefully something will work out – I’ll continue to watch this thread and see what happens. If the Manaslu Trek doesn’t work out for me, I’d certainly be keen to join anyone on the AC trek from about Dec 5 to Dec 24.