Anapurna basecamp trek

I was planning on doing the trip alone but I think it could be cool to go with one or two people more. The trail is quiet so it will be nice to have the company.

Some personal info
I am a concept artist working in the movie and game industry this means I love scenery and there will be moments where I would like to just enjoy the surroundings and make some photos.
I am from the Netherlands.
I love singing and talking, but can definitely appreciate silence.



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  1. Im interested. Little hurry today and tomorrow so wait couple days and i will ask/talk more!

    • Hi Tuomas, I am considering hiring a guide porter. As I understand that it will help to meet the locals and help the economy. I was wondering If you would be interested too and would be willing to pay with?
      Let me know!

  2. Hi Romar, are you flexible with your departure date? I’ll be available to start trekking after January 26th and I’d be more than happy to get a guide/porter as well. Let me know!

  3. hi romar,
    i am a medical student from india ,would like to join you ,
    so are u interested because i am was planning to travel single