Alps Walkers Haute route Chamonix to Zermatt

We are group of 3 going for the Walkers Haute route starting on the 1st of September (not yet decided if started from Chamonix or Zermatt). We plan to take tent/stove and some dry food so that we can bivouac in some of the days, mixing between nights in bivuac and nights in refugees. We are looking for a fourth person to join us in order to make the load sharing lighter and more social =D If you are interested, send me a message and we talk more.



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  1. Hi Thomas,
    Find a fourth man yet?

  2. Hey
    Are you still looking for someone to travel with
    Let me know

  3. Hei, we are heading to the trip! Arriving in Chamonix this Saturday (1st September) and starting on the 2nd from there. We may actually be 2 rather then 3. If you want to join us, it may still be doable. Could yo bring and carry your own tent?