Alaska, Chilkoot Trail, Yukon

Looking for hiking buddy for 3 night 4 day Alaska Trek!

This is the Chilkoot’s 100-year celebration! Glacially-carved valleys, stream channels, and stunning views of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in Southern Alaska/Canada, with 100-year-old mining gear left out near the trailsides. Was tough to get reservations! The trip is not too challenging. Flat except for day 2. That is a long day, I think 2,800 gain.
I have reservations, July 29 – Aug. 1 (3 nights/4 days).
Must arrive in Skagway, AK by 28th to pick up passes and check in w/ ranger.

July 27: Fly to Juneau via AK air, then seaplane (20 choices) onward to Skagway ($135)
July 28th Check in w/ ranger
July 29th begin 3 night 4 day backpack
Aug. 1 return by scenic railroad to Skagway

I’m a moderate hiker, not fast, not slow. Enjoy starting early, but taking time and enjoying the trail. Backpack once a year, hike weekly (12 – 15 miles). Photographer and writer. For more info, email at

Approx. cost: Alaska Air good value–for me in So. Cal, $550 RT. Plan on Ferry or Sea plane to Skagway, $135 one way (plane) or $51 (ferry). If you have Alaska Air mileage, might be free!

Chilkoot Trail:;
Chilkoot Trail Trip Advisor:
Scenic Train back to Skagway at trail’s end!
Klondike Historical Park:
Attendee Limit: 4 people (I am one, up to 3 more).



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