Africa: Mt Kenya & Mt Kilimanjaro

Hi Friends,
I land at Kilimanjaro International Airport on Dec 14th.
The plan is first to climb Mt. Kenya and then summit Mt Kilimanjaro on January 1st 2016. Flying back on Jan 7th 2016.
This is an organized climb. I am taking advantage of a local company’s services. The company is based in Tanzania.
The price is around USD 3500. The more people in the group, the cheaper for everybody 🙂
You can take part in both climbs (Mt Kenya & Mt Kilimanjaro), or only one of them.
Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro alone will cost around 1750 USD,
Climbing Mt Kenya alone will cost around 1750 too USD,
If you go for both climbs you will be climbing the 3 highest points of Africa, which is cool! 😉
Mt. Kenya point Nelion, 5188 m
Mt Kenya point Batian, 5199 m
Mt Kilimanjaro 5 895 (Machame Route).
Happy trekking 🙂



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  1. Another nice and informative video from Machame Route on Mt Kilimanjaro. Enjoy 🙂