Adventures in Iceland

a) Visit capital Reykjavik, take a trip to the famous Blue Lagoon Spa and have a swim in the geothermal
warm water.

b) Do the Golden Circle, back to room at Reykjavik

c) South Coast

We begin the tour by driving over Hellisheidi towards the town of Selfoss and then continue along the south shore to Hvolsvollur. This tour visits Lonid, Basar and finally the great 60 metres high Seljalandsfoss Waterfall which you can walk behind, back to room at Reykjavik

d) Go Scuba diving between two continents at Silfra
back to room at Reykjavik

e) Go Ice climbing (optional) or Game of thrones tour
back to room at Reykjavik

f) Go mountain biking or Whale watching
back to room at Reykjavik

g) Any new tour or activity

h) Depart from Reykjavik

Depending on conditions, preferences or price, we can either rent a car, take a guided tour by bus. I am also Ok with renting a mountain bike and exploring around Iceland if you are a biker. This itinerary is flexible

Aim is to do the trip as cheap as possible.



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